R.I.P. Holger Czukay (March 24 1938 – September 5 2017)

I didn’t see Holger for many years, we didn’t have relationship, so I didn’t know what he was actually doing.
Last time I heard about him was that he didn’t appear at Jaki’s funeral early this year , after while I heard Holger was sick that time. (Unfortunately, myself was also in hospital, not able to join Jaki’s funeral.) Even I didn’t know his wife U-she died a month before him.

If you’re at Network performance, creating time and space of the moment with ever changing local sound carriers and you’re into it and enjoy that energy and you keep smile. I say, if I didn’t meet Holger on that beautiful spring day in Munich 1970, I’m not able to bring you this experience of joy and share energy with you.
Holger is the person open my door to music activity. So, you know, everything begun on that day, Holger Czukay invited me to sing. (I still don’t know what moved him to stand up and come to me and asked if I can sing with Can on that day).

Holger is next to my mother, who gave me my life.
Holger gave me way to music life. If I didn’t meet him that day at that time and that place, I may became a politician, a comic painter or just I’m somewhere else.

Holger was workaholic.
He was first one to enter Inner Space Studio and last person to leave day after day. He was into wire, equipment and electric substance, eating sweet bread and drinking coffee, seemed to be no interest to get any other food, my picture in my brain is Holger in that form.
Sometimes he watched us (Irmin and me) during chess match looks very angry while he had problem with equipment. We’re concentrating next move. He was working if he doesn’t, he say some wits (near to philosophy) that often nobody’s able to understand.
Very first day, I was quite surprised from him was playing bass with white groove. I thought of Mickey Mouse, has four fingers, therefore he is bassist?
One day at beginning with Can, he came to me, I was enjoying Kölsch (domestic beer from Cologne) in local pub Plenum (A kind of institution, a pub early 70’s where Cologne artists and bands meet.)
He came with smiles on his face,
“Hey Damo, listen to this, it’s good British band!”
I took earphone and listen to it. British band?
“yeah, it’s not so bad….who is it?”
“It’s you..it’s our piece!”
It was “Mother Sky” on his face I found proud.

He was one, I guess in 90’s, somewhere on the street of Cologne I met him, he was saying “Can is the best band and there will be no band like us…also not in future….)
In fact as he was a hard worker, he was mostly with the band, take care about equipment, lay cables, even drove bus when we didn’t have roadies. Then, at Inner Space, preparations, recording, editing…..
He was action in person.

On that day in Munich he gave me “Monster Movies” and “Canaxis”
I liked both as at that time for me both were new, “something”. In “Boat-Woman-Song” I found fresh air and knew there’re many way to make music.
Holger was indeed a pioneer for sampling, electric, house music, techno, etc… He was doing all these very long time ever since even they didn’t have name.

Holger left us at age of 79.
U-she is beside him and Jaki’s grave is just few meter distance.

He was Inner Space, he choice his last moment in Inner Space.
It may right place…..space of creativity.

Holger, rest in piece.

Damo Suzuki / September 21 2017

February 10 2012 (Friday), Switzerland St.Gallen @ Rümpeltum

Damo Suzuki with Backseat Rhythm : Marco Egger (Drums), Corsin Fuchs (Bass) and Philippe Meier (Guitar)

Last year ended Network performance in Switzerland and this year begun in Switzerland. This offer came quite rush.
Landed at Zurich Airport, through to baggage claim you may see many PR of famous and gorgeous watches on the way. Actually history of watch making in Switzerland has begun 17th, 18th century, farmers wanted to do something in long winter period. So, they found Watch making as side business and became world famous. Swiss made on precision fields, is the world leader and trustable. Swiss is an inventive: Chocolate, Chemical Products (among them LSD, ha?), every boy’s Swiss made Knife and sure Cheese!! Many ideas and playful (like Japan). This few years even breeding sturgeon to get high quality caviar. Also seems to be cannabis land number one (percentage of inhabitant who smokes), Quality is as good as other products in this country.

Somehow Swiss made means quality.

Early morning flight is boring.

Woke up short before 4:00, drive through Autobahn that wasn’t like ice way. We have very cold winter since a week, but this part of Germany there is no snow. Cold and dry.

I’ve a friend Rainer is his name in Uzwil, is a cousin of late M.Karoly. Last time he said If I come next time I should stay one extra day. After four or five stations from Zürich Airport station, I reached Uzwil by train. Rainer was waiting for me drive me with his few months old new VW bus (He is a camper) He took a day off to spend the time with me. Drop at supermarket get some stuff for breakfast. Actually I don’t go to supermarket that often, but if you’re in foreigner country, I think it’s worth to visit (not only buy), you’ll find something different from your country. Living Standards, Taste, etc….even politic, there is always something to develop.

Rainer moved out of his old apartment and lives now in house, shared with young lady named Sabrina. Enough space. Outside is all covered in snow.

I took a bit relax and sleep. During the time, came chimney sweep, Repairman for water as hosts moved to here few weeks before, so Rainer asked me if I was able to sleep. Even didn’t sleep well, main thing is that my body did relax.

Alfred, a Greek, a Rainer’s Companion at his work, He has his parents living in Tesaloniki. They visited me when I performed there few years ago. Since long Greece is in crisis. Hope his parents are well.

The venue is opened for two days a week, every Wednesday open kitchen, and foods for 5 Swiss Francs. It’s autonomy venue, actually it’s not regal. Anyhow police like it as punks don’t hanging around anywhere in the city they comes here. Easy to control, ha?

The Backseat Rhytm, a local three-piece band was tuff, we performed together a set for two hours and they wanted to perform more and audience get together.

Next day, Rainer and his friend, photograph Rene took me to Appenzell, 20 minutes drive from Uzwil. Appenzell is a winter sport resort.

There is Long Skiing Path under lighting system. People in Apenzell are small like you said Rainer, their houses so small house, only 180cm high. And woman had no right for election until 1986, latest place for woman election right in Europe.

I like pocket watches, I found one I like in show window. Don’t think twice I bought this even cap with Swiss Flag wasn’t not a real my taste…I’m not against Switzerland just may works kitschy.

Appenzell is very famous for cheese.


We visited Show Cheese, where you can see process of cheese making. Off course there is a cheese shop even you can try fresh cheese of the day. I wanted to bring this back to Cologne, but I have to eat it on same day, a friendly lady at the shop told me, what’s pity! It’s taste a bit like hard tofu.


Another companion of Rainer, Christoph invited us with some other friends for Raclette evening. Raclette is beside cheese fondue, one of a Swiss national food.


It makes quite full stomach like cheese fondue.

So, I slept not that good.

Next morning Rainer said also same thing.

I’ve been telling you how impossible is der Bahn (German rail) many times. This time happened by SBB wagon. Actually this train brings me directly Basel back to Cologne. I found no wagon that I reserved seat. SBB man told me that wagon is not connected to other wagons as they found damage. No problem, train is really empty, easy to find free seat anyway, after I took myself in Feeding Wagon, a first try in SBB. It’s quite expensive like other things in Switzerland. Anyway after while waiter informed me that I have to change train at Freiburg as they found roof leak at one wagon.

So, Basel – Cologne is not direct..a comfortable travel like on my plan. I had to change train at Freiburg then at Mannheim…