November 15 2019 (Wednesday) Austria, Wien @ Aera

Damo Suzuki with Raffael Lenz (guitar), Stephan Grasl (electric bass), Sebastian Leopold (drums), Matthias Kampf (gongs/soundscapes/loops) and Lorenz Kainz (guitar, ambience)

Wien has been always one of my favorite cities in Europe.
Not just me, even magazine like “Economist” choice Wien as the world’s most livable city in the world, even two years in raw!
This ranking based on security, infrastructure, culture and education, health and atmosphere quality from 140 metropolises of the world. Wien has 99,1 point from 100 possible point (!!!), incredible….if I had such point in my school days?

Actually, I’m not found of ranking and award stuff, it’s main stream ranking. Still just being there I feel comfortable, kindly people, city atmosphere, service at pub/restaurant, you feel positive and I totally agree. Main theme of travel for me, culinary : Excellent, reasonable price, good quality.
By the way, an another magazine stand even since 10 years in raw keeping the best city.

For long years Austria is my favorite country, they have good politic too, for example, just think about living, government is buying space and build reasonable price apartment for Austrian citizens, not like some other countries renting room price is getting explosion, hard to pay rent. They do things for people. Also interesting to know around 2 million people not having cell-phone.
This mean something to me, I’d never own cell-phone.

Last time I performed here is while ago.
Few years ago (already long ago) Elke and I drive through almost all part of this country and we were positive influenced that time. Just one thing is missing, Austria has no sea! I can’t help. Quality of living here is excellent, I have to say.

I made my mind already what I do when I arrive Wien this time.
Go to restaurant and try “Tafelspitz” a national traditional food, last time I had this in Linz and it was amazing yummy.
This time at a famous traditional restaurant, it was more yummy and good quality (clean!) that stayed in my stomach for many hours that I didn’t have to get dinner afterwards. This is good example of quality food cooked with healthy quality local materials and well-balanced stay in stomach for long time. Oh, I like this proud traditional food whenever I come next I have to taste it again!

April last year our young friend Lorenz arranged Network performance in Munich where he lives. This time in Wien, His friend and our friend Raffa arranged release party for his band Half Baked Cheese, so I was invited perform with them and Lorenz as guest guitarist.
Opening band was Karaba from Munich, also Lorenz’s brother plays keyboards. Last year I performed with them. And after that show, members of the band and their friends came and celebrate Elke’s birthday at balcony at our Hotel until early morning.

Our show started with 10 minutes introduction long Gong sound of Matthias.
My show may too short, some of guests claimed.
But, it was release party of my friend, so please take it as it was.

Next day, on Saturday evening some friends show up one after another for Dinner at grand floor of the hotel placed on very well known Ring Street.

I’m very sure, everybody in the world likes chocolate and schnitzel.
Even some never tried, when they once try they like it.
Both are everybody’s daring in culinary sense.
I like restaurant like here, open kitchen, also from street you can see process of Wiener schnitzel making. And you can see how clean chefs are proudly cooking this famous yummy Schnitzel.
Some of us (win experts?) and old pair next to our table negotiate with us were invited excellent seldom wine test that you cannot get everyday by friendly table manager. Wine experts were amused. It was special occasion for them. Unfortunately I wasn’t a wine taster this day. I tried ice-cold beer that was also good with the Schnitzel.

Then, Déjà-vu effect like in Munich, we enjoyed drinks at balcony, almost especially for us reserved on 8th floor cafe at the hotel with Wien roof landscape where also serve breakfast.

September 22 2019 (Sunday) UK, London @ Windmill

Damo Suzuki with Phobophobes: Dan Lyons, Elliot Nash, Chris OC, George Russell, Jamie Taylor

Normally it’s not happen, trustful booker Tim of the venue didn’t contact me before the performing day for long time for any reason. Until a week before this date I didn’t know if this would happen or not. It’s strange feeling as I’ve performed here for many times and he is trustful person, it’s almost like a home game. He contacted me again at start of this tour. He said no worries, it get filled up with visitors on the performing day even just 1 week to go, his words happened true.

I don’t much care as Tim has been arranging each time very interesting band even I was not sure about sound carriers until sound check.
There is always young musicians here would like to join Network if there is opportunity next time. I hear each time someone say, “Damo, next time I will….”
The venue is not in the center, but London music fans know this space and the venue enjoying good call., even awarded as top 3 venues in London by Time Out magazine.

I personally like to perform here, one: above I said Tim arrange fantastic talented band, one: atmosphere is kind of nostalgic and one : sympathetic visitors that visited my show here many times and talk to me before/after the show.

September 21 2019 (Saturday) UK, Ramsgate @ Music Hall

Damo Suzuki with Lapis Lazuli

Nice thing for Alan is he doesn’t switch on radio to listen any music. I said him he can put as driving without music may bore or not good to concentrate driving. He knows I’m not familiar to listen music, it’s somehow disturbing my creativity. But, he is our captain, he can drive comfortably, and I don’t mind he puts music. Then I automatically shout my ears.

We reached Ramsgate earlier than we planed but a bit late for Lunch. I wished to bring nice restaurant for first UK visitor Hayashi. Since he’s in UK he didn’t eat anything remarkable. It may not much course him as he is first time here, even so he seems to be enjoying, every single small founding is worth for his travel. Eat at motorway restaurant is almost punishment. So, I thought finally I could bring him to reasonable fish restaurant or something here.

I was here this small port town once, so I know some places, we tried to set ourselves in a fish restaurant. Unfortunately they closed kitchen at this time. Place like here just waterfront, I like to have fish, nothing else. We went to Greek restaurant next door. Unfortunately, they don’t have fish dish we expected, but at this time of the day it’s not easy to have something you want to have even if in larger city. Sorry to Hayashi that I didn’t bring him to one good restaurant. He have to leave UK tomorrow.

It’s a small venue, up stair is pub also merchandising space. I know already some faces from last time, some speak with me, some keep distance, but eyes on me. I met few old friends.
Lapis Lazuli is young improve band I remind of Electric Octopus from Belfast. Like return of hippie time me again.
They recorded show and recently released this CD:

The entire unedited improvised set from Damo Suzuki and Canterbury unsigned act Lapis Lazuli. This double-disc album signifies the 6th release by the Canterbury band, and represents one of the kaleidoscope shows Damo played as part of his 2019 tour.

The second disc to the album is titled using an anagram of ‘damo suzuki lapis lazuli’; ‘Louis Padilla’s Muzak Uzi’, – a collection of jams recorded and mixed leading up to the live concert. This disc does not include Damo at all, as the band’s one and only encounter with him was at the show!

The album was mixed live and recorded by Ramsgate Music Hall’s in-house engineer Al Harle, and mixed / mastered by Lapis’ Neil Sullivan.

Release date: 31st January 2020
Mail Order:

This is last night for Hayashi.
He brought Champaign that he’d got from a stewardess in plane, excuse for something, I forgot.
He wanted farewell drink. Kan-Pai!, Cheers!, Skool!, Prosit!, Nastrovia! What so ever.
He said he had good time even it was so short, he is happy that he travels not like usual tourists, enjoy every three concerts with in three different cities, three different formations, three different music. Still we three walk around this small town, small snacks to eat, late in the night.
Hayashi have to take train early in the morning to get flight back to Japan that departure time is early afternoon.

After departure in Japan two days later, he reported me he enjoyed oyster bar at Heathrow that I recommended. Finally he has got something better healthy food.
Indeed, oyster in England is really good, has tradition like former capital city (for short) Colchester! They have tradition since Roman Empire time. Jersey, Weymouth, etc….

Live Documentation :

September 20 2019 (Friday) UK, Manchester @ the Carlton Club

Damo Suzuki with Ian “Budgie” Jones (Drums, Percussion), Al Roberts/Aka Jim Noir (Bass, Guitar), Ian Smith (Bass, Guitar) and Keir Stewart (Keyboards, Effects)

In London Hayashi booked same hotel like me, but with window, so we went together for breakfast very closer next morning.
I don’t name it but if you’re an English you know where we took breakfast. Since few years I get breakfast at chain Organic Cafe, seldom take breakfast in Hotel. On tour I try to live like normal (= like at home). Which food I take is important to keep condition from travelling stress. Majority of foods I take organic at home, so on the road it’s fine to find place like here, order fine double Espresso, Chocolate croissant…. it’s my usual breakfast like South European people sometimes baguette with cheese or tuna …. small breakfast. For me this ceremony is necessary not damage my liver before I take daily issue of medication that is very strong that effect start 1 or 2 hours later. Beside this medication, I take variation of vitamins and minerals in the afternoon… Suzuki prepares immunity. This is the basis of all.

During drive, I sat back seat to relax, some times lay down. Anyway I saw many times English landscapes, so today co-pilot seat I gave to Hayashi, is very curious, also has will to try to speak in English with the Irishman. Soon, Hayashi got friendship with Alan.
-Hayashi told me after his first UK trip, he enjoyed conversation with Alan so much as he never have such opportunity in Japan or elsewhere he was, no chance to speak with locals.

Alan and I stayed at AirBnB with three rooms.
Accommodation is the thing I rate not from how gorgeous is house or from furniture. My measure is how landscape around is. It’s for me not depended on quality of architecture, I care much about landscape as main, well stay in city is anyhow stressful, too much information. I originally come from rather province, so I feel much comfortable to be in silence or place able to see season change. So, it’s strange like here at this AirBnB. Hayashi booked Hotel near by through tourist office in Japan

I’d been performing in Manchester quite often.
But, this part of the city is first time, I guess.
It’s near to that famous Old Trafford, home ground of Manchester United.

The venue-building complex is quite old (perhaps) Victorian style.
We three were thinking to go to eat somewhere, maybe eat Ramen? We had decision for our hungry stomach, we had just junk on Motorway. I don’t have to tell, but eatery on motorways is boring, here in England, even gourmet country like France and Italy, they have not satisfactory Restaurant on motorway, just it’s boring….all captured by big chain restaurants. Nails of globalization. Every British rest place on motorway you only find chain restaurants/cafes, every rest place has exactly same foods (except one rest place near Bristol (if I’m not wrong), they have local farmer shop restaurant with another policy, it looks much healthy and refreshed)

It’s science for itself, so leave it. Moan doesn’t change so long cut off capitalistic method of profit illness, not mention of quality (= healthy life), far before quality lays quantity. I’m happy to see even a chain restaurant in Germany. There’re a few of this Fish Restaurant. That brings me relative fresh and my favorite of marinated Matjes. Simple but tasty! Oh, I became hungry just speaking about this theme. Old sentence say “old mans sex is eatery.”
So, we had planned to go somewhere to eat not fast food.
I was informed organiser of the show prepared curry for all sound carriers and staff, brought also local beer, so we stayed here.

Everything go so slow today at this Victorian style house. As I heard this is second time or anyway few time they arrange show at this space. Ian, contact person and bassist of instant band tonight is happy that ticket is sold out. Ian told me in his mail the venue is similar to Trade Club in Hebden Bridge where we perform together few years ago. The house is middle of residential area, very silence. It has garden, fits good for beer garden in summer time.
The performance starts a bit later than announced.
Local supporting act and band, visitors were so relaxed and positive energy flow over space. Everything is well, result is Ian asked me to play again next year.

Live Documentation:

September 19 2019 (Thursday) UK, London @ the Old Blue Last

Damo Suzuki with Gently Tender: Adam Brown (Guitar), Will Doyle (Drums), Sam Fryer (Guitar) and Pete Mayhew (Keys , Bass)

Two and half years ago while I had to spend my time in hospital, I met two Japanese medicine students in training there. One of them named Hayashi contacted me to visit my London show just few weeks ago. He’ll arrange to get 5 days break and just visit my show in London! Seems to be he didn’t have any other plan even he will be in UK for first time, so I invited him if he also likes to come along to other shows, join our trip. He is curious about music style called “instant composing”, he say he never experienced this, so he is exciting, at same time he probably is curious (from perspective of young doctor) how I’m living now a days after such heavy surgeries as he knew my situation at that time.

This is 3rd new thing I was talking about, on tour someone join my tour. (Ha, ha I opened space for tourist?) Therefore Alan lent a bit larger car, enough space for 3 people, luggage and merchandising inclusive.
So, Hayashi join us Manchester and Ramsgate. 3 Network performances then go back to his daily life, back to Japan.

Japanese has not many holidays, I don’t know how many days, probably all together 2 weeks in year? Anyway far less than most European countries. Their over sea holidays are very short, rush, tight and hard schedule. They’re able to make sight-seeing London-Paris-Roma in just 3 days. It’s normal.
Surely, Hayashi going to have his own short special holidays, hope he enjoys this trip, hope at the end of his trip, he find it was worth to spend his time with Network experience and bring some impact at home. We’ll see.

24 hours parking for 50GBP!, the hotel has no own parking even they don’t offer discount parking ticket around. Say, it’s middle of London. The hotel is modern and very expensive like London use to be. They have rooms even in cellar, every single space worth of business, even room without window. It’s not natural, to be one night mole. Stop, moaning! The venue is closer just few blocks away.

Hayashi and I had an appointment meet at the venue around 18:00, nobody was there in the venue, just a friendly female sound lady. I open back door to get fresh air, then Hayashi stand there, seems to be surprised suddenly I’m standing in front of him even we had an appointment in time, it’s something funny, open the door found face of young medicine student.

The green room is nice space with roof landscape of the city at corner of junction. On the table a bottle of Gin and tonic water.
I opened the bottle shared Gin with him.
This was mistake, I forget to eat dinner.
Sound check just with keyboard, other boys were somewhere else.
The venue has similar structure like the Lexington, recently I perform relative often, just few blocks away from here.

I’d never tried this drink before even it’s trendy drink all over the world. After while I get really relax, I’ve enough time, the supporting band should have to play. I thought a band were arranged as opening band. No, there’s no 2nd set. Just one set with them.

Few weeks before, a female from Edinburgh mailed me she likes to experience Network performance, she arranged this trip. She showed after the show at merchandising space, she introduced her self. Thanks for spending your time whole way from Scotland.

Live Documentation:

September 18 2019 (Wednesday) UK, Cambridge @ the Portland Arms

Damo Suzuki with Fuzzy Lights

Situation I’ve now, is quite new.
Since 5 weeks, I’m keep away from smoke cigarettes.
I hate to say I stopped to smoke cigarettes, I’m stopping, hey processing, it will be keep this way or that way, I just don’t like to give answer and make my self confusing with new set upped self-law.
Normally, before I go to tour I shave, but this time I didn’t.
It may superstition, so I quit from this and looks like how old I am naturally now, but who cares.
Another new start is a new driver for UK road.
I was looking for someone who has interest to support me drive around. You know since released from hospital in 2017, I better to have someone carry my luggage and take care of my health. It was recommended by my surgery doctor and Elke.
I sent mails to some UK mail addresses I have, as regular UK road driver E-da is busy with his music project which is fine, he is a musician, better do things of his own. Prompt I received a couple of positive replies able to support me on this tour within short time.

Alan is name to appear on this newsletter diary for first time. He lives in London, runs a small company of his own, roots in Ireland, also musician (guitarist) has own music project. When I contacted him, he was recording in studio. He was saying he has interest to join me on tour, as he is curious about musician on the road. I may be not good example to satisfy his curiosity, I’m a solo artist and not a band. I’m not that young, no exciting wild nightlife.
Another “new” thing follows next day, I leave it for now I inform you later, OK?

We made an appointment to meet up at Café, terminal 2 where German flight arrives. I reached that Café very early than appointment. Rules at immigration had been changed: Holders of Japanese and South Korean visitors go same scan control like European citizen. As I’m not a tourist, I’m performer I have to go to another immigration service where controlled my COS (UK work visa for performer) and some short interviews.
Most part of musicians task is waiting, waiting and waiting.
Even I arrived at Café early, it doesn’t matter actuary, as the Café has no pop music or average radio music sort of sound, instead they have classical music BGM, so it’s very welcome.

Alan appeared, not much later beside even my duty at immigration went fast.

London-Cambridge is one cat spring….a comfortable distance.
I woke up early at 4:00 MET this morning, my body needs a bit nap.
So, took a short nap, then we went to an Italian.

Mixed audience, young and old.
As usual spoke with some visitors, one said he didn’t know me and even don’t know what is my music all about. This is his first experience at Network performance and he deeply enjoyed. Oh, thanks. His words made my day and next motivation. Thanks for coming and see you next again. Few other people came from Brighton, they had been at Network performance few times, they’re curious to experience Network at different city, joined by local sound carriers around Cambridge. It’s fine, now a days I’ve some travelling visitors like to witness different music experience. One lady from Scotland contacted me (she also never heard of this project live), she will come to concert tomorrow in London, and she was planning her very special London trip. Thanks for all these travellers, this makes me so glad and proud, you know. It’s gives me so much motivation.

Today’s Network band playing together for long time. Guitarist is a French guy. It’s not special if I had a guitarist, I performed often with French musicians, just I couldn’t realise he is a French as he didn’t have that famous accent in his conversation. Like I’m master of Broken English, French people has very special accent on whatever language they speak, it’s unique and for my ears kind of charm. This young French guy spokes like domestic English people.
You can see I’m not great example for young people, I’m too lazy to learn any kind of language. I learned on street.
Now a day I collect sound carriers 15 minutes before our performance in green room. Talk about this and that, to make relaxed atmosphere, also talk about how we start.
“How we start” is just key of all Network performance. We don’t talk much about music we’ll create. Final part comes naturally anyway. This is free platform, nobody force you to do something. Here you may think I’m lazy again. No, no just I don’t like any plan and system, that’s all. Tonight we send two sound carriers at start on stage and later other sound carriers come on the stage whenever they feel like to join.
After the show I found smiling on faces in audience and sound carriers on the stage.
I didn’t have performance for two months, but my creative ability was just there like if I had show last night.

A kind of perfect day.

Still a mistake……. I didn’t buy night snacks after the show, I need them before I take daily medication tomorrow morning when I get up. My day start with small snacks and coffee followed by medication.

Live Documentation:

July 20 (Saturday) 2019 Germany, Cologne @ Ebertplatz Passage

Damo Suzuki with C.A.R.: Ken Hartwig (Double Bass, Electric Bass), Leonhard Huhn (Saxophone, Electronics, Voice), Johannes Klingebiel (Drums) and Christian Lorenzen (Wurlizer, Analogue Synthesizers)

I’m living in this old city Cologne really long, about 40 years all together (!), recent years we withdraw from scene. We’re living outskirts of the city face to huge park, we can see season change, sometimes squirrels, and rabbits come near, even small bird come flown through open window. My taste, best part of the city.
So, I’m living different world, actually I never affected from this city, in carnival time or any big event that the city brings.

Ebertplatz…I lived near here on two different streets names in two different times. But, it’s a long time before. In my life I moved really a lots of time. You may say I’m life long bohemian.

I was informed it will be stormy today, but it didn’t.
Initiative of this part of the city wants’ event to calm atmosphere here as recently crimes are getting more. So, they like to get positive energy therefore they’re arranging some event regularly here, at middle of pedestrian place. Many young people and some by accident joined. I don’t know any faces, just a few, not difficult to count. I feel I’m stranger at home, feeling like perform at anywhere else.
Sound carriers are all first to see, but all talented young sound carriers that’s nice to know as older Cologne inhabitant like me. Just everything went good and positive energy captured all over the space with 4 or more different exit/entrance, curious or music lover came from all direction and stay with us.
Be one of audience, witness it.

December 20 2017 (Wednesday) Peru, Lima @ Teatro del Patronato Peruano

Damo Suzuki with Tavo Castillo (Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Flute, Winds, etc.), Jorge Durand (Drums),  Manongo Mujica (Percussion), Junior Pacora (Flute, Charango, Sax, etc.), Daniel López G (Minimoog, Electric Piano, Synths), Luis Alberto Linares (Bass) and Juan Luis Pereira (Electric Guitar, Winds, etc)

Lima is Mega size city with near to 9 million, 3rd largest city in South America. It’s near to London’s population. Such huge city, we stayed just 3 days even less.

If people think about Peru, generally almost everybody imagine of Macupitvu, unfortunately it’s very far from Lima, also with my up and down condition. It stay like just an interesting place. In the city, You can see many people in folklore, more Inca dominated, black hair, smaller, somehow, it’s exotic. Our accommodation is colonial Finca style not far from city center, also I can rent word “exotic”.

Now, Peruvian kitchen is getting as famous as their Inca culture, you can find Chevicheria (Peruvian restaurant based on famous national food Ceviche) in big German cities. Ceviche and Pisco Sour (Chilean think it’s their original) is its delicatessen. Good kitchen and Peru are connecting in my brain for very long time. So, I have to say I was so happy when an offer came one day as last during planning this South America tour. Even Carlos from Santiago and few other people of South America tell me, they visit Lima regularly just to have fantastic Peruvian foods. It’s s popular in South America.

Picked up by companion of Rafa, prompter, rest in hotel. I rest myself for few hours, when I went to lobby at appointment time, he was already there waiting for us. He wanted to bring us to grill restaurant that was fully booked, not possible without reservation even it’s on Tuesday night. Anyway I was not much interested in grilled thing on this day from heat. We went to Japanese restaurant that was halfway good. Peruvian kitchen is fusion of Japanese, Chinese, German, French, etc. Origin of potatoes is Peru, there are 2 or 3 thousands different sort of potatoes you may find even in market.

Next day, at Lunch, Rafa invited us to (of course) Peruvian restaurant that is really busy, famous restaurant. We had to wait for two hours, walking small park near by. This restaurant I have to visit again, good atmosphere good selection of regional foods. All looks great. Place is really “living”. Worth to wait for table.

Lima sound carriers are well-known respected musicians in this country and relative older people. The show was recorded, this complete live documentation is available on “Romantic Warrior IV” (Publisher: Zeitgeist) as special features DVD. Wasn’t much visitors as promoter calculated, the other hand I have no ideas if someone know me and music? First time perform in the land you visit for first time you don’t know how to expect is very strange feeling. I think people spend their time had good time, perform with local sound carriers with this formation for first time.

Before leaving Peru, lunch together with Rafa’s family in fusion Chinese restaurant. Before departure, We had opportunity for last shopping at souvenir village short before airport.

December 16 2017 (Saturday) Chile, Santiago @ Festival En Órbita

Damo Suzuki with Carlos Reinoso (Guitars, Keyboards), Walter Roblero (Guitars, Keyboards) and Yaney Salgado (Guitars, Keyboards)

Back to Santiago, I’ve 2 days breaks before an appearance in Santiago.

First night we back to the fantastic local food restaurant at Recoleta again….I wanted to taste Sea Urchin again (a kind of junkie effect?) Also wanted to taste other yummy dishes as I missed last time. Football craze Axel made friendship with waiters last time, he sung a song of Colo-Colo, a Chilean prominent football team from Santiago.

I like this restaurant, I recommend, surely next time I visit Santiago, I come here again. It’s always nice to have a favorite restaurant everywhere, it make easy dairy flow. Find good eatery is not easy thing, an expensive restaurant is not always serving good foods. If you cook by yourself and idea to do, eat out is often problem as you have perspective to see it critically. Home-made food is anyway best of all. Unfortunately, many people believing paying much meant tasting better foods. I don’t support any places with over high price that is not well balanced. Often even it’s not using organic local glow material.

Every day very hot dog days, next day we went totally touristy, found ourselves in tourist bus. Wherever we like we can jump in and out. It may easy to know the surface of the city. We get out at Market place, I like this place just everywhere. Place like Santiago, we can find many possibilities to eat fresh fish.

Walk through busy street filed up with never ending river of people after people on streets under lazy sun. Suddenly, sound of drumming caught our ear, it brought us to the direction it come from. We fund a fantastic attraction, street music: amazing Chinchineros!. You may saw them somewhere, they’re performing on the street in many countries. Here I fund this for you.

The festival ground is far from the city center, we certain amounts of people get in transit Bus, drive through busy city. My performance was late afternoon, visitors are slowly coming in.

What a surprise, one of sound carriers, I know from my last show here in Santiago more than 10 years ago. Carlos, a contact friendly funny guy, knows many different things from his journey abroad. I had good fun with him. The instant band was all together 4 sound carries including me without drums. 3 other sound carriers each of them guitar/Keyboard, a very seldom formation, basically non-category music. Young audience get into our act. As you may know some times I’ve no good condition. I left the spot after the performance not long after the performance.

I was invited from Carmen invited alongside Lee Ranaldo and others to spend two days near to Valparaiso. Carmen lent a house and she brought camera team for her documentation.

Valparaiso is a very special, whole city is like pop art museum with graphite after graphite, very colorful in local special light, it’s nice to walk around to view all those art works. We’re quite amount of people, nearly to 10 people. It’s sometimes problem to get seat at restaurant.

Carmen is leading us, but sometimes she disappear somewhere for short, so we’re lost. The city has few cable cars which is I think, symbol of the city, but it’s very steep. We were wondered when we saw Halo, nature theater. It’s really mysterious even in the daytime. (one of my wish is to see Northern Light one day.) We had fun, Carmen brought me oyster as I was speaking too much of this delicatessen, I may made her nerves?

My habit since long is buy souvenirs with feeling. We’re at one cafe, I ordered espresso, I liked this espresso cup a much, I asked a waiter if I could buy. I bought directly 8-cup sets of espresso. I was like a happiest child this moment, you know. My souvenir, I buy with feeling. It’s don’t attract me all those souvenir goods at souvenir shop.
I’ve small collection of figures at home, I like figures. While I’m window shopping, some figure is talking to me déjà vu effect.

While I’m writing this, figures behind my desk is smiling. A black accordion player with long legs…ah, from Hebden Bridge, a pretty young girl with smile, somewhere near York at Market, but made in France? A lady in folklore costume serving chocolate from Cologne, art museum.……

They give me all positive energy, you cannot imagine.

I’m collecting different things, but not with fanatic collector spirit.
As I said it’s with feeling….. A philosopher said collecting things is from weak character. It’s doesn’t matter for me at all.

December 13 2017 (Wednesday) Argentine, Buenos Aires @ ND Teatro

Damo Suzuki with Anla Curtis (Guitar), Mariano Domínguez (Bass), Fernando Kabusacki (Guitar), Matías Mango (Keybord), Roberto Petinatto (Sax) and Fernando Samalea (Drums)

I’m so tired, whole day sleepy.

Buenos Aires is one of my favourite cities in Latin America. The city has feeling back to Paris in 20’s of last century…. Sentimental, something tragic, romantic (if I know this word correctly) and melancholic. Houses and streets passing by, feels come back to home. I can remember many parts of the city even last time I performed here was more than 10 years before. This is 3rd approach at same venue.

Axel researched (spied) surrounding of the hotel which is so closed to the venue while I had a light nap. From my wish we wanted to go somewhere I can eat oyster even I don’t know the material comes from near here I wanted to walk a bit, we found a restaurant in very noble hotel, which was looks very attractive, it has many different meats hanging from ceiling in special glass room at entrance. At the reception, I asked if they have oyster. A lady receptionist gave us negative answer and saying, “there are places you can have oyster, unfortunately nearest place is 10 minutes by taxi.”

The space at this restaurant at lunch time, good amount of visitors, quite busy, mainly business man, research dishes from shoulder, we decide to stay at this hotel restaurant, may be a little bit of laziness from less sleep and matter of the weather out side…grey colored sky rain might fall next second.

Fish dish, I ordered wasn’t that good. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Since I take medication after my last surgery, taste I catch in my mouth is some time bitter no matter of what I eat. Axel like to celebrate, ordered his first Kobe-Beef. He eat huge amount of breakfast during our trip together. So, happy to see someone in front of me, enjoying and having good appetite. He shared me a bit of his Kobe. I never had Kobe before, this is for me too first time. It’s so yummy!

Audience here is always very thankful, I had many hugs after the show. Like last two appearance here, Anla Curtis joined as sound carrier guitarist.

Day in Buenos Aires was short. Buenos Aires is place I must go back again.