December 16 2017 (Saturday) Chile, Santiago @ Festival En Órbita

Damo Suzuki with Carlos Reinoso (Guitars, Keyboards), Walter Roblero (Guitars, Keyboards) and Yaney Salgado (Guitars, Keyboards)

Back to Santiago, I’ve 2 days breaks before an appearance in Santiago.

First night we back to the fantastic local food restaurant at Recoleta again….I wanted to taste Sea Urchin again (a kind of junkie effect?) Also wanted to taste other yummy dishes as I missed last time. Football craze Axel made friendship with waiters last time, he sung a song of Colo-Colo, a Chilean prominent football team from Santiago.

I like this restaurant, I recommend, surely next time I visit Santiago, I come here again. It’s always nice to have a favorite restaurant everywhere, it make easy dairy flow. Find good eatery is not easy thing, an expensive restaurant is not always serving good foods. If you cook by yourself and idea to do, eat out is often problem as you have perspective to see it critically. Home-made food is anyway best of all. Unfortunately, many people believing paying much meant tasting better foods. I don’t support any places with over high price that is not well balanced. Often even it’s not using organic local glow material.

Every day very hot dog days, next day we went totally touristy, found ourselves in tourist bus. Wherever we like we can jump in and out. It may easy to know the surface of the city. We get out at Market place, I like this place just everywhere. Place like Santiago, we can find many possibilities to eat fresh fish.

Walk through busy street filed up with never ending river of people after people on streets under lazy sun. Suddenly, sound of drumming caught our ear, it brought us to the direction it come from. We fund a fantastic attraction, street music: amazing Chinchineros!. You may saw them somewhere, they’re performing on the street in many countries. Here I fund this for you.

The festival ground is far from the city center, we certain amounts of people get in transit Bus, drive through busy city. My performance was late afternoon, visitors are slowly coming in.

What a surprise, one of sound carriers, I know from my last show here in Santiago more than 10 years ago. Carlos, a contact friendly funny guy, knows many different things from his journey abroad. I had good fun with him. The instant band was all together 4 sound carries including me without drums. 3 other sound carriers each of them guitar/Keyboard, a very seldom formation, basically non-category music. Young audience get into our act. As you may know some times I’ve no good condition. I left the spot after the performance not long after the performance.

I was invited from Carmen invited alongside Lee Ranaldo and others to spend two days near to Valparaiso. Carmen lent a house and she brought camera team for her documentation.

Valparaiso is a very special, whole city is like pop art museum with graphite after graphite, very colorful in local special light, it’s nice to walk around to view all those art works. We’re quite amount of people, nearly to 10 people. It’s sometimes problem to get seat at restaurant.

Carmen is leading us, but sometimes she disappear somewhere for short, so we’re lost. The city has few cable cars which is I think, symbol of the city, but it’s very steep. We were wondered when we saw Halo, nature theater. It’s really mysterious even in the daytime. (one of my wish is to see Northern Light one day.) We had fun, Carmen brought me oyster as I was speaking too much of this delicatessen, I may made her nerves?

My habit since long is buy souvenirs with feeling. We’re at one cafe, I ordered espresso, I liked this espresso cup a much, I asked a waiter if I could buy. I bought directly 8-cup sets of espresso. I was like a happiest child this moment, you know. My souvenir, I buy with feeling. It’s don’t attract me all those souvenir goods at souvenir shop.
I’ve small collection of figures at home, I like figures. While I’m window shopping, some figure is talking to me déjà vu effect.

While I’m writing this, figures behind my desk is smiling. A black accordion player with long legs…ah, from Hebden Bridge, a pretty young girl with smile, somewhere near York at Market, but made in France? A lady in folklore costume serving chocolate from Cologne, art museum.……

They give me all positive energy, you cannot imagine.

I’m collecting different things, but not with fanatic collector spirit.
As I said it’s with feeling….. A philosopher said collecting things is from weak character. It’s doesn’t matter for me at all.

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