December 20 2017 (Wednesday) Peru, Lima @ Teatro del Patronato Peruano

Damo Suzuki with Tavo Castillo (Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar, Flute, Winds, etc.), Jorge Durand (Drums),  Manongo Mujica (Percussion), Junior Pacora (Flute, Charango, Sax, etc.), Daniel López G (Minimoog, Electric Piano, Synths), Luis Alberto Linares (Bass) and Juan Luis Pereira (Electric Guitar, Winds, etc)

Lima is Mega size city with near to 9 million, 3rd largest city in South America. It’s near to London’s population. Such huge city, we stayed just 3 days even less.

If people think about Peru, generally almost everybody imagine of Macupitvu, unfortunately it’s very far from Lima, also with my up and down condition. It stay like just an interesting place. In the city, You can see many people in folklore, more Inca dominated, black hair, smaller, somehow, it’s exotic. Our accommodation is colonial Finca style not far from city center, also I can rent word “exotic”.

Now, Peruvian kitchen is getting as famous as their Inca culture, you can find Chevicheria (Peruvian restaurant based on famous national food Ceviche) in big German cities. Ceviche and Pisco Sour (Chilean think it’s their original) is its delicatessen. Good kitchen and Peru are connecting in my brain for very long time. So, I have to say I was so happy when an offer came one day as last during planning this South America tour. Even Carlos from Santiago and few other people of South America tell me, they visit Lima regularly just to have fantastic Peruvian foods. It’s s popular in South America.

Picked up by companion of Rafa, prompter, rest in hotel. I rest myself for few hours, when I went to lobby at appointment time, he was already there waiting for us. He wanted to bring us to grill restaurant that was fully booked, not possible without reservation even it’s on Tuesday night. Anyway I was not much interested in grilled thing on this day from heat. We went to Japanese restaurant that was halfway good. Peruvian kitchen is fusion of Japanese, Chinese, German, French, etc. Origin of potatoes is Peru, there are 2 or 3 thousands different sort of potatoes you may find even in market.

Next day, at Lunch, Rafa invited us to (of course) Peruvian restaurant that is really busy, famous restaurant. We had to wait for two hours, walking small park near by. This restaurant I have to visit again, good atmosphere good selection of regional foods. All looks great. Place is really “living”. Worth to wait for table.

Lima sound carriers are well-known respected musicians in this country and relative older people. The show was recorded, this complete live documentation is available on “Romantic Warrior IV” (Publisher: Zeitgeist) as special features DVD. Wasn’t much visitors as promoter calculated, the other hand I have no ideas if someone know me and music? First time perform in the land you visit for first time you don’t know how to expect is very strange feeling. I think people spend their time had good time, perform with local sound carriers with this formation for first time.

Before leaving Peru, lunch together with Rafa’s family in fusion Chinese restaurant. Before departure, We had opportunity for last shopping at souvenir village short before airport.

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