In 1973 metaphysical transporter and singer DAMO SUZUKI left the legendary experimental rock band CAN, to which he gave his voice and energy on some of the bands most ground breaking music albums and eclectic live shows. Going on pilgrimage and a journey for mystic exploration that still lasts on until today, Mr. Suzuki then started his own live music project: The DAMO SUZUKI NETWORK, traveling the world to perform completely improvised live shows together with primarily young and unknown musicians from local psychedelic underground scenes.
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And what band could be more underground than HALF BAKED CHEESE, the viennese heavy rock phenomenon doomed to haunt some of the countries wildest events and supported bands such as Church of Misery, Heckspoiler, Hypnotic Floor, Karaba and many others? Together with the additional local sound carriers Lorenz Kainz and Matthias Kampf all of them performed a completely improvised happening on November 19th 2019, the whole show got preserved on 12 inch vinyl by Klangschutz Schallplatten.
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Celebrating the record release with an in-depth vinyl research case on ancient Krautrock galaxies and Neo-Kraut encounters with DJ Yellow King and a live composing set by Planet Safe and friends.

Sound Carriers

Stephan Grasl (electric bass),
Lorenz Kainz (guitar, ambience)
Matthias Kampf (gongs/soundscapes/loops)
Raffael Lenz (guitar),
Sebastian Leopold (drums),
Damo Suzuki (vocals)

Sound Recording: Stefan Postavka

Mastering: Alexandr Vatagin

Lacquer Cut: Sidney Claire Meyer for Emil Berliner Studios

Vinyl Pressing: Austrovinyl

Cover Design & Artwork: Camp Comfort

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Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Arkaoda

As a traveler-without-age, Damo Suzuki has been touring all over space-time. Presenting the light of “instant composing” to new generations, he refers to his makeshift collaborators as sound-carriers. Exactly fifty years after the release of the profoundly iconic Ege Bamyası, we can hear his voice on yet another fantastic album, as in “derived from fantasy.” Manifested from the meeting with Spiritczualic Enhancement Center — an eight-piece group of self-proclaimed disciples from the CAN University have gathered at Arkaoda (Turkish for “backroom”).

Vinyl / CD / Digital – Release: 29.04.2022
Preorder via Bandcamp

Vocals: Damo Suzuki
Drums: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Percussion: Faani
Bass: Etkin Çekin
Guitar: Æladin
Keys & Vocals: Omri S. Shmulewitz
Synthesizer: Carl-J. Hoffmann
Synthesizer: Alexander P. Jovanović


A1 : U (20:05)

B1 : RA (6:02)

B2. :  BEJA (14:21)

Recorded at Arkaoda, Berlin on 27.02.2020

Production: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Mastering: Mark Gergis
Art & Design: Axis Mundi (Dima Rabik & Ventral Is Golden)

Video by Omri S. Shmulewitz
Visuals: Ventral is Golden | Daniel Shavit
Videographers: Marta Vuković | Jivan Frenster
Mandalas: Tomomi Senda
Portrait by Alex Solman

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New LP out November 2021


Damo Suzuki with Numinous Eye & Steve Eto


Back in the spring of 2007, Numinous Eye – Mason Jones & Mike Shoun – had a short tour of Japan planned. All the shows were booked and plane tickets purchased. Then they discovered that Damo Suzuki, vocalist from the infamous band Can, was visiting Japan around the same time, and he was free to play on March 8 the date they would be arriving in Japan! It was providence, so it was arranged for them to play together, and Damo invited percussionist Steve Eto as well.


Playing an improvised show, with no planning ahead of time, after a transcontinental flight, was probably not wise, but it was psychedelic. And it was great. After a sparse opening piece, Mike and Steve were locked in on drums and percussion, Damo was flowing, and Mason found ways to wind the guitar into it all.


This album is an edited sampling from the show, including the opening piece, the ending piece, and a portion from the middle. It covers the calm, the heavy, and the experimental aspects. Damo provided the appropriately wild album and song titles.


The players: Damo Suzuki (vocals), Steve Eto (percussion), Mason Jones (guitar), Mike Shoun (drums). Damo, of course, is known for his time with Can, as well as the ongoing Damo’s Network series of improvised live shows around the world. Steve Eto has played with bands such as Demi Semi Quaver, Pugs, Pink, and more. Mason Jones was a guitarist in SubArachnoid Space, now leads Numinous Eye, plays with Collision Stories, and performs solo and in collaboration with numerous others. Mike Shoun has played drums with Thee Oh Sees, Numinous Eye, and others, and currently plays with Peacers.


Side A: Orange Moon Alphabet Hotel (07:00) Camereon Days (08:40) Side B: Fasten My Soul on a Rain Drop (13:49)


LP on black vinyl, limited to 300 copies, with Bandcamp download card included. Charnel Music, Catalog No. CMLP-1


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Charnel Music : P.O. Box 12308, San Francisco, CA 94112


Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet. LP „Glocksee“ (2020)

Damo Suzuki & Jelly Planet. LP „Glocksee“ (2020)


A:     Sofortkontakt (15:21)

B:     Störenfried (9:49)

C. 1: Voodooexpress (10:05)

C.2: Meilenstein (9:51)

D:     Plastic. Spoon (27:08)


All music played and composed by:

Damo Suzuki – vocals;

Alexander Schönert – guitar, theremin;

Felix A.Gutierrez – bass;

Stephan Hendricks – moog, Flute, voices;

Jens Küchenthal – drums.


Recorded Live @ Cafe Glocksee, Hannover, Germany – Jan. 12th. 2002

Produced by Jelly Planet

Mastered by EROC

Additional Audio Edits by Pascha Fuchs

Booking & Organisation by Olaf Schultchen

Video by Schwarzi

Sound by Schotte

Artwortk – Janina Kumpies


Catweezle Records


All rights reserved by Suzuki/Gutierrez/Hendricks/Küchenthal/Schönert

– P&C 2020 –


Double LP “Glocksee” (strictly limited) only available here


A donation for the publication of the LP on YouTube…



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Release on December 4 2020: Damo Suzuki, Badun / Mejlgade 53



Artist: Damo Suzuki, Badun, Snöleoparden

Title: Mejlgade 53

A-1 Mejlgade53/A

B-1 Mejlgade53/B


Vocals – Damo Suzuki

Electric Bass, Keyboards – Oliver Duckert

Drums, Percussion – Jonas Stampe


Recorded: Live at Tape 19 August 2017 Århus, Denmark


Recording Engineer – Oliver Tønnes

Mastered – Doug Henderson

Artwork – Mads Westrup

Label: Not Applicable

Release Date: 04 December 2020


A very special documentation of European musical energy arrives courtesy of this collaboration between artists Damo Suzuki (ex. CAN, Damo Suzuki Network). Badun (Danish jazz-electronica), and Snöleoparden (Danish experimental and world music).


For many years all three artists have been part of the same European music circuits, performing alongside each other on several occasions in different constellations. The result of a shared appreciation and desire to make music together, this album is the crystallisation of their combined musical understanding and vision.


Recorded LIVE in front of an audience at the legendary venue in Mejlgade 53 in Aarhus, the eponymous title of the album celebrates a venue that for two decades has been one of the strongholds in Northern Europe for experimental music.



Damo Suzuki

“To create time and space of the moment” is one of his creative motion. In this way, he made more than 1,000 shows – one and only performances around 45 countries with more than 7,000 local sound carriers (musicians) since 2003, after US attack on Iraq He is curious about oyster to Mesopotamia, try to 48billion brain cell to build up his Football Stadium. He is a ‘68er fake hippy but happy. Believing in Natural (God made) System and not trust in human made system (Artificial). Keeping healthy stomach and brain, switch off all those MSM and Silicon Valley snob media that bring only ugly energy. He is a waterproofed Japanese with bone and skin, but not with a camera. He joined Oliver and Jonas few performances.


Oliver Duckert

Generation ’79, grew his musical wings around Århus, Denmark, recording and producing electronica and playing jazz for more than 20 years. Founder of the chameleonic group Badun in 2002 and a long time organiser involved in the electronic avant-garde movement in Denmark, he has helped curate influential festivals and events in and around the city of Århus, introducing experimental music in all in many different guises throughout the region.


Jonas Stampe

Danish experimental musician with a unique life-path. As an 18 year old he became a student under the late Indian maestro Ravi Shankar and a year later became part of Shankar’s live group. Creating the musical alias Snöleoparden in 2004, Jonas embarked on a musical journey that taken him to Greenland, Indonesia and Pakistan, where he has collaborated and toured extensively – from royal cremations to Black Magic ceremonies in Indonesia, and stadium concerts to secret Sufi festivals in Pakistan. Jonas released his debut album as Snöleoparden in 2008.


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Mugstar and Damo Suzuki – Invisible Wind Factory

Live at Invisible Wind Factory (41:50)

Damo Suzuki with Mugstar: Steve Ashton (Drums), Marc Glaysher (Bass), Joe Hirons (Guitar, Keyboards), Luke Mawdsley (Guitar) and Neil Murphy (Guitar)

Recorded April 28 2018

Recorded live at The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool 2018.
Ltd to 500 copies.
300 on random eco vinyl (picture is not representative & the colours truly are random) and 200 on grape with black splatter, these are only available from us.

All copies come with an insert, the first 50 of which are hand numbered.
This item is a pre-order & we expect to start shipping around the 31st July.

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Back in those distant days of live music in packed, sweaty rooms I remember attending this concert with fellow Terrascope scribe, the illustrious Ian Fraser who if I remember rightly enjoyed or perhaps more accurately endured a lengthy and unexpectedly confusing taxi ride across Liverpool that nearly made him late for it (I’m sure his autobiography will explain more about this adventure at some point).

Part of the 2018 Wrong Festival at Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory (any schoolboy humour will be punished, or at least punned) and other nearby venues, this set was one of the absolute highlights of a fine day of psychedelic rock.

Mugstar and Damo are no strangers to each other having shared a stage and recordings before this gig and their mutual pleasure in working with each other is clear to see and hear. It’s a pretty impressive marriage between Mugstar, one of the most interesting bands working today in the field of inventive and exploratory psych and space rock and one of the most iconic vocalists in the history of Krautrock who still crams in an eclectic and busy worldwide schedule of collaboration and free improvisation projects.

Weird Beard have generously provided us with the chance to relive the full forty or so minutes of a dynamic and memorable set, a wide ranging improvisation taking in many diverse twists and turns on its path. Underpinned by a solid yet varied rhythmic platform, Mugstar create a musical canvas where light and shade is created through guitars that shimmer and soar, compelling and memorable riffs that propel where needed and feed melodic ideas providing texture, colour and contrast.

There are generous servings of driving motorik, touches of desolate spaghetti western landscapes, flashbacks to echoing and tense early eighties psychedelia tinged new wave and Stooge-like energetic and exhilarating solos and riff fuelled sprints which come and go through the set keeping it varied, unpredictable and most importantly exciting.

Using this canvas, Damo Suzuki treats us to his full array of vocal talents, sometimes leading the music to new places and sometimes responding to the challenge set by Mugstar. At times harking back to the wailing improvisatory style of his Can days, sometimes growling like Tom Waits and then crooning like Scott Walker (or even Ian McCullough) at his most desolate and experimental, Damo’s chameleon like and indeed unique approach to singing is demonstrated at its very best here.

You can see some good videos of this set on YouTube but there is something to be said for letting the audio pleasures on offer speak for themselves. I really enjoyed the set as a punter but this well recorded vinyl time capsule is already offering up some new delights unheard in the general hubbub of the crowd on the night and is pretty much essential listening for any fans of Mugstar, Damo or indeed of high quality and inventive improvised or psychedelic rock.

Strongly recommended for your audio pleasure.
(Francis Comyn)


Nobody expected things like this happen in this depth – worldwide!
Forced to stop daily and private life.
Everybody is forced to live in this scary and mysterious situation, no light of fortune sight able at this moment.
Nobody knows how long we have to live in this situation.
Bad news comes one after another.
I just wished only I had this nightmare, hard to believe now this is reality.
Many things had been changed into wrong direction since then.
If you believe in conspiracy or not reality is here.
After postponed Italy tour, unfortunately followed by this North American tour also postponed.
I was ready to go, a week before situation was different – an another world.
US booking agent Space Agency booking and I agreed to cancel long waited North American tour.
Just hope near future finally able to travel to everywhere I like to perform.

Stays this abnormal situation spend time with alternative thing and don’t put your head in sand..
Wish you all stay healthy and wish you all in positive energy flow.
Hope to see you near future!

Damo, 17.03.2020