Nobody expected things like this happen in this depth – worldwide!
Forced to stop daily and private life.
Everybody is forced to live in this scary and mysterious situation, no light of fortune sight able at this moment.
Nobody knows how long we have to live in this situation.
Bad news comes one after another.
I just wished only I had this nightmare, hard to believe now this is reality.
Many things had been changed into wrong direction since then.
If you believe in conspiracy or not reality is here.
After postponed Italy tour, unfortunately followed by this North American tour also postponed.
I was ready to go, a week before situation was different – an another world.
US booking agent Space Agency booking and I agreed to cancel long waited North American tour.
Just hope near future finally able to travel to everywhere I like to perform.

Stays this abnormal situation spend time with alternative thing and don’t put your head in sand..
Wish you all stay healthy and wish you all in positive energy flow.
Hope to see you near future!

Damo, 17.03.2020

2 Replies to “Notice”

    1. Good Afternoon, Mark!

      Some scientist says some different thing than mainstream medias.
      It’s just question of perspective where you’re watching from.
      Information goes much fast than virus, it’s confusing and bring people to wiring situation.
      Information is truly most dangerous weapon human live with.

      Seems to be (hopefully) virus is weak in warm season. So, we’ll see.
      Take sauna would be good too.

      Thanks for reading our book.

      Keep your strength in this strange period of human history!

      Damo @ Cologne

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