Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Arkaoda


As a traveler-without-age, Damo Suzuki has been touring all over space-time. Presenting the light of “instant composing” to new generations, he refers to his makeshift collaborators as sound-carriers. Exactly fifty years after the release of the profoundly iconic Ege Bamyası, we can hear his voice on yet another fantastic album, as in “derived from fantasy.” Manifested from the meeting with Spiritczualic Enhancement Center — an eight-piece group of self-proclaimed disciples from the CAN University have gathered at Arkaoda (Turkish for “backroom”).

Vinyl / CD / Digital – Release: 29.04.2022
Preorder via Bandcamp

Vocals: Damo Suzuki
Drums: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Percussion: Faani
Bass: Etkin Çekin
Guitar: Æladin
Keys & Vocals: Omri S. Shmulewitz
Synthesizer: Carl-J. Hoffmann
Synthesizer: Alexander P. Jovanović


A1 : U (20:05)

B1 : RA (6:02)

B2. :  BEJA (14:21)

Recorded at Arkaoda, Berlin on 27.02.2020

Production: Nicolas Sheikholeslami
Mastering: Mark Gergis
Art & Design: Axis Mundi (Dima Rabik & Ventral Is Golden)

Video by Omri S. Shmulewitz
Visuals: Ventral is Golden | Daniel Shavit
Videographers: Marta Vuković | Jivan Frenster
Mandalas: Tomomi Senda
Portrait by Alex Solman

Mail Order : https://akuphone.bandcamp.com/album/arkaoda


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