Sayonara Nuke

Hi there…

May I have time to introduce you, bring you to one website that called this time I like to bring you to one website that called
“Sayonara Nuke”
they are making action “Come join “ the Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” Rally!”
… there is Petition for the Realization of Denuclearization and a Society focused on Natural Energy.
Please go this website

Last summer I toured Japan and experienced 4 earthquakes.
Sadly Japan is 3rd biggest country for nuke power plant (54),.
During the tour, I took conversation with some people about this problem with Fukushima happened and to totally stop nuke power plant. Some people showed me interest, but some (many) won’t talk about that or no interest.
Japan as two times victims of nuke bomb and now with Fukushima. It’s not understandable not to showing interest on this.
After Fukushima, world situation has been changed.
Germans will stop Nuke power plant until 2022, then Switzerland will stop too. And few months before Belgium joined this and will stop until 2025.

Nuke is terribly dangerous and they don’t know what do with rest dust of nuke, some through it just into ocean……..

I hope many people sign this petition.

Let’s stop nuke power together!!!!!


Nice Shooting!

Damo Suzuki – the former vocalist of the cult german band “CAN”, either the son or the father of psychedelic kraut rock.

The concert of the international project “Damo Suzuki and I Droog Moi Gruzovik” was within the festival of Japanese culture “Tanabata”. The shooting was on the next day after it. The star behaved very decently and shy. Damo is a very calm and kind person. “Gruzoviki” surprised with their thoughtfulness and calmness, too.

Music is international and is able to unite people. But how to unite such bright and different characters in photography? We shot a gang that had been operating in, let’s say, Moscow in the beginning of the XX century. Also we paid attention to the single portraits of everyone involved. We got something evoked by the novels of Boris Akunin.

Damo was also shot in the national look and in the style of the 40’s.

As for the result – you are to judge.