***Friends all over the world!!!, we need your support!!!!!***

I was trying to send mails to people in Japan, Japanese politician to stop nuke plant start again.
I heard Japanese premier minister Noda said “For security of Japanese people it’ necessary to start Nuke Plant again “
Is he from an anther planet?
Please help Japan from all those politic idiots and support Anti Nuke plant movement in Japan!
This is time to get Networking everywhere, you know what a exciting period we’re living in.

Please go to following web, be a part of us.


Appreciate forward this information to your friends.

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4 Replies to “***Friends all over the world!!!, we need your support!!!!!***”

  1. Hi Damo,
    Can’t get to the website from that address I’m afraid! Tried twice and it just ends up with a Google search page with your front page as the top listing.
    Hope this can be sorted out 🙂


  2. Hey Damo,

    I understand the concern about nuclear plants. However I think it would be far better for the Japanese to have economical, long-lasting power since battery technology and alternative energies aren’t ready yet to replace current electrical generation.

    That said I do agree with you that we should close old nuclear reactors, but instead we should build the newest modern designs that can’t melt down. Generation IV plants like the Integral Fast Reactor and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor are inherently safe from melt downs due to the physical nature of their cores. Basically, when a nuclear plant is approaching a melt down situation it’s because the core is getting too hot from too many neutrons breaking apart atoms and releasing the energy inside. With the IFR and LFTR, increased heat allows the liquid fuel to expand allowing more neutrons to be released so they don’t break apart other atoms for nuclear energy, thereby dampening the chain reaction. If it gets too hot in the LFTR, a frozen salt plug at the bottom of the core will melt allowing the liquid to pour out into a secure pan to safely cool. There are all kinds of automatic safety built into the design that don’t need humans or complex systems to work. So if a tsunami, earthquake, and jetliner were to crash into an IFR or LFTR, the reactor would calmly shut down with no issue. The IFR can also use nuclear waste fuel, solving another problem with nuclear energy.

    Anyway I love your vocals with Can and it’s great to see you’re still doing good bro.

    Wish you the best,


  3. That is an interesting consideration, but the thing is that humans can not be trusted to self regulate and monitor themselves. They will lie, cheat, collude, and cover-up so that the remaining population of humans will not deprive them of the singular humans of their livelihood. So if there are flaws in the system you suggest, then maybe the flaws are being hidden, obfuscated so that progress, in the name of money exchanging hands, can be rendered. take fukushima as an example, all of this stuff in the news is coming out now, 2013, and the company has been dancing around accountability since 2011. It is not about the science, it is about the humans behind the science.

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