December 13 2017 (Wednesday) Argentine, Buenos Aires @ ND Teatro

Damo Suzuki with Anla Curtis (Guitar), Mariano Domínguez (Bass), Fernando Kabusacki (Guitar), Matías Mango (Keybord), Roberto Petinatto (Sax) and Fernando Samalea (Drums)

I’m so tired, whole day sleepy.

Buenos Aires is one of my favourite cities in Latin America. The city has feeling back to Paris in 20’s of last century…. Sentimental, something tragic, romantic (if I know this word correctly) and melancholic. Houses and streets passing by, feels come back to home. I can remember many parts of the city even last time I performed here was more than 10 years before. This is 3rd approach at same venue.

Axel researched (spied) surrounding of the hotel which is so closed to the venue while I had a light nap. From my wish we wanted to go somewhere I can eat oyster even I don’t know the material comes from near here I wanted to walk a bit, we found a restaurant in very noble hotel, which was looks very attractive, it has many different meats hanging from ceiling in special glass room at entrance. At the reception, I asked if they have oyster. A lady receptionist gave us negative answer and saying, “there are places you can have oyster, unfortunately nearest place is 10 minutes by taxi.”

The space at this restaurant at lunch time, good amount of visitors, quite busy, mainly business man, research dishes from shoulder, we decide to stay at this hotel restaurant, may be a little bit of laziness from less sleep and matter of the weather out side…grey colored sky rain might fall next second.

Fish dish, I ordered wasn’t that good. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Since I take medication after my last surgery, taste I catch in my mouth is some time bitter no matter of what I eat. Axel like to celebrate, ordered his first Kobe-Beef. He eat huge amount of breakfast during our trip together. So, happy to see someone in front of me, enjoying and having good appetite. He shared me a bit of his Kobe. I never had Kobe before, this is for me too first time. It’s so yummy!

Audience here is always very thankful, I had many hugs after the show. Like last two appearance here, Anla Curtis joined as sound carrier guitarist.

Day in Buenos Aires was short. Buenos Aires is place I must go back again.

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