December 12 2017 (Tuesday) Argentine, Cordoba @ Club Paraguay

Damo Suzuki with El Mató a un Policia Motorizado

Expect Buenos Aires I’d never been other city in Argentine. Hired festival taxi to airport. The driver, handsome James Bond like middle age hotel driver in black suits told us, it takes 10 hours from Santiago to Cordoba by car, the destination of today. If by any chance, next time we are here, then we rent a car drive through Andes, yeah. This would be nice.

Manuel and Melissa, organisation team of today, picked up us from airport through local atmospheric colorful something- nostalgic student city of Cordoba. I had smells like these.

South America is so crazy about football, practically easy to communicate with this theme. Begin of conversation. Then I spoke about one of my favorite player, Mario Kempes. He is from Argentine. Manuel was quite surprised, he might never thought I know name Mario Kempes, he is happy to hear domestic hero’s name from other football junky from far another football junky continent. Especially he never expected. Story came back to 1978, year Argentine won World Cup final against the Netherlands at the Estadio Monumental. Now, I know Mario originated here…Cordoba!

Cordoba is 2nd largest city in Argentina and a university city.
I quite like University City everywhere, I feel with energy of young people, hope and future. The city is laid back, not hectic that I experience later.
Our hotel is a colonial style building. It brought me to 20’s of last century.
Middle of it grandfather elevator. He is still active on his post, just looks getting old, but tells many stories.

Argentine? Meat!
100% same answer comes, even from vegan-tribe. Yeah, I’m in Argentine, even I’m not really meat eater, but I have to try meat as generally people eat here. Local food! Lunchtime is near, we went to foods mall at this time in late noon open. Once I heard from local, good quality meat is just for export, local people eat miner quality meat. Anyway in Argentina, meat is main, you don’t miss.

Sound check start 3 hours later than schedule timetable, this delay hardly biting door open time already. Nobody except staff and few sound carriers. Is nobody interest in this sort of music? Booker says no worries, we just have another time.

Door open time sound check with two formations as I’ve two stages tonight with two instant bands. Around 23:30, suddenly visitors come from every direction and fill up space so tight to next that I never expected as at door open time nobody was there.

After get heat in the space, party in endless hot summer night. Get back to nostalgic hotel at 4:00 short nostalgic dream.

We’ve only few hours to sleep.

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