December 10 2017 (Sunday)

I was in the car to Düsseldorf Airport. Due to hard snowfall, it wasn’t possible to go further after just a kilometre, had to change the plan, have to use train. Snell tempo on Autobahn, every driver is very carefully (he/she didn’t pay back all credit spend on their car yet? Ha, ha……a stupid joke! No, no everywhere is totally in stress) If I had to stop for long on Autobahn in traffic jam, surely miss my flight 100%. From my nature I have enough time calculated before every flight. The day like this is perfect that I’m still flexible enough, if you have enough time you make it better.

We came back home, now start from beginning. Went to Cologne central station, mass pot full of passengers, here also in chaos. Trains are delay after delay, totally out of schedule. But, I have no choice, train is still relative safe for this situation. Delayed train with full of passenger, this continued at airport, many flight were cancelled. My flight route possibility is to fly to Santiago, via Amsterdam or Paris. Fortunately the organiser of the festival in Santiago booked flight via Paris. I have to say what a luck, they had good hand, man!, we can fly to Paris in time, if they booked via Amsterdam we were not able to fly and all my schedule may mixed up. Who like this kind of situation? Then it’s stress to arrange new flight ticket, thousands of passenger may change flight, calculable troubles.

This South America trip is attended by Axel, a contributor of my website and the adviser for computer solution when I get problem (you know, I’m from anther generation, I’m not keen on this society. It may sound excuse.), we know each other since almost quarter century. I’m very thankful to him, visited me on every Monday while I was in hospital. We meet up at Sushi bar at airport, usual meeting point when I use this airport.

I have many problem with diarrhea, a side effect on my surgery, have to run many times to WC. It’s very uncomfortable situation. This day toilet in airport was dirty and chaos. You can’t imagine some people are crazy, a fool or maybe an action artist. Open toilet door I fund mountain of the product correctly mounted on toilet seat, looks like (or must be) this anonymous artist create it by intentionally.

Transit time was really long at Charles de Gaulle Airport, eatery here is not something, baring like a fake-Japanese-Sushi on conveyor belt that you may find a lots of cities in UK, same chain restaurant. Seems to be many international flights are gone, here and there getting stony silence, just few flights are left to start this day from this terminal, waiting for departure, some shops are already closed. Is that action the artist at Düsseldorf Airport, is following us, flight same destination? I fund again in this mount of nature human product on toilet seat, incredibly this time also with intention. A strange coincidence. Anyway it’s may not the thing I have to talk. Just it was strange intention.

Paris-Santiago took 14 hours. My longest flight since long.
This trans Atlantic flight was full, quite tough, bottom and feet are getting painful. I have to do something to kill time, better read books instead watching at those average standard movie collection on flight. I carry few books with me, but today I don’t have concentration, I switch board amusement. Watch at “Danish Girl” (Tom Hooper 2016), some sports channel, even Liverpool – Everton 4:4 in 2013, Rugby Australia – New Zealand that I didn’t see till the end. As usual on trans Atlantic flight sometime turbulent. Food, I took vegetarian couscous, not worth to tell.

Arrived Santiago, a lady was waiting for us, she arranged taxi to Hotel. The city is modern with many skyscrapers. Every South American Capitol cities are huge, many people come look for job in big cities, not much possibility in province. Who knows in Europe, Bogota, Columbia has more than 9 million people and 2nd largest city in South America? Last time, 10 odds years ago in Santiago I had less than 24 hours to stay. this time I’ve time to see more of capitol city of Chile. Today we’ve just here for transit.
Tomorrow we’ll move to Cordoba, Argentine.

It was for me necessary to rest after long flight while Axel was active exploring the city, later he reported me atmosphere of the city and folks are kindly, for him this is first trip to Latin America. Summer in December, fresh pressed juice is best drink you can get, we fund exactly what we want at an organic café near by.

We had an appointment with Carmen, organiser of the festival at hotel lobby.
She remind me of someone I know, I said her she must be this star sign as she had same like one I remind. She was quite surprised. Carmen moved to same hotel too she said while she has her office somewhere in the city, she can get a room to use as her office for free of charge as she booked 100 rooms for this festival at the same hotel. Later joined by 4 young lady friends of Carmen, one of them from Australia has her birthday today. We must celebrate! Someone said. First we took dinner (red wine is cold, it seems to be normal here) then had, Pisco Sour: National drink of Chile and Peru. (Both countries believes original is from own country.) Now a day you can find Peruvian restaurant more often than few years ago, this mixed drink is getting popular. Then we all moved to visit a sold out concert of a Canadian main stream band in arena, which is not my world, I quit them short later, take walk, enjoy night breeze. Short later Axel joined, drive back to hotel in comfortable night sky.
End of first day.

Next evening we went with good amount of people around 10 to fantastic local food restaurant at Recoleta, North of the capital city. Friendly atmosphere and interesting buildings. When I saw Sea Urchin in menu, I was happy and excited, I didn’t know people eat here. Expect Japan I had only in Italy until now. What a luck, I say. It’s one of my favorite food. So much Sea Urchin on dish. In Japan it’s very expensive, just I wonder how much cost like this amount in Japan, it’s so attractive in front of my eyes. You know if you go to Sushi bar, Sea Urchin is generally most expensive. At one Sushi Bar few years ago, I paid 8 Euro for one Sushi, Sea Urchin on it.
We ordered many different dishes to share, but I feel I took main part of Sea Urchin dish. It may shame.
During dinner suddenly I felt not good I went hotel alone by taxi.
Unfortunately, didn’t have main dish. Jason, one of organiser of Fuji Rock Festival, he was in this party said me later, I eat too much Sea Urchin, that’s reason I felt bad… May be he is right. One thing is sure I have to come back to this restaurant, I like this space.

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