July 20 (Saturday) 2019 Germany, Cologne @ Ebertplatz Passage

Damo Suzuki with C.A.R.: Ken Hartwig (Double Bass, Electric Bass), Leonhard Huhn (Saxophone, Electronics, Voice), Johannes Klingebiel (Drums) and Christian Lorenzen (Wurlizer, Analogue Synthesizers)

I’m living in this old city Cologne really long, about 40 years all together (!), recent years we withdraw from scene. We’re living outskirts of the city face to huge park, we can see season change, sometimes squirrels, and rabbits come near, even small bird come flown through open window. My taste, best part of the city.
So, I’m living different world, actually I never affected from this city, in carnival time or any big event that the city brings.

Ebertplatz…I lived near here on two different streets names in two different times. But, it’s a long time before. In my life I moved really a lots of time. You may say I’m life long bohemian.

I was informed it will be stormy today, but it didn’t.
Initiative of this part of the city wants’ event to calm atmosphere here as recently crimes are getting more. So, they like to get positive energy therefore they’re arranging some event regularly here, at middle of pedestrian place. Many young people and some by accident joined. I don’t know any faces, just a few, not difficult to count. I feel I’m stranger at home, feeling like perform at anywhere else.
Sound carriers are all first to see, but all talented young sound carriers that’s nice to know as older Cologne inhabitant like me. Just everything went good and positive energy captured all over the space with 4 or more different exit/entrance, curious or music lover came from all direction and stay with us.
Be one of audience, witness it.

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