September 20 2019 (Friday) UK, Manchester @ the Carlton Club

Damo Suzuki with Ian “Budgie” Jones (Drums, Percussion), Al Roberts/Aka Jim Noir (Bass, Guitar), Ian Smith (Bass, Guitar) and Keir Stewart (Keyboards, Effects)

In London Hayashi booked same hotel like me, but with window, so we went together for breakfast very closer next morning.
I don’t name it but if you’re an English you know where we took breakfast. Since few years I get breakfast at chain Organic Cafe, seldom take breakfast in Hotel. On tour I try to live like normal (= like at home). Which food I take is important to keep condition from travelling stress. Majority of foods I take organic at home, so on the road it’s fine to find place like here, order fine double Espresso, Chocolate croissant…. it’s my usual breakfast like South European people sometimes baguette with cheese or tuna …. small breakfast. For me this ceremony is necessary not damage my liver before I take daily issue of medication that is very strong that effect start 1 or 2 hours later. Beside this medication, I take variation of vitamins and minerals in the afternoon… Suzuki prepares immunity. This is the basis of all.

During drive, I sat back seat to relax, some times lay down. Anyway I saw many times English landscapes, so today co-pilot seat I gave to Hayashi, is very curious, also has will to try to speak in English with the Irishman. Soon, Hayashi got friendship with Alan.
-Hayashi told me after his first UK trip, he enjoyed conversation with Alan so much as he never have such opportunity in Japan or elsewhere he was, no chance to speak with locals.

Alan and I stayed at AirBnB with three rooms.
Accommodation is the thing I rate not from how gorgeous is house or from furniture. My measure is how landscape around is. It’s for me not depended on quality of architecture, I care much about landscape as main, well stay in city is anyhow stressful, too much information. I originally come from rather province, so I feel much comfortable to be in silence or place able to see season change. So, it’s strange like here at this AirBnB. Hayashi booked Hotel near by through tourist office in Japan

I’d been performing in Manchester quite often.
But, this part of the city is first time, I guess.
It’s near to that famous Old Trafford, home ground of Manchester United.

The venue-building complex is quite old (perhaps) Victorian style.
We three were thinking to go to eat somewhere, maybe eat Ramen? We had decision for our hungry stomach, we had just junk on Motorway. I don’t have to tell, but eatery on motorways is boring, here in England, even gourmet country like France and Italy, they have not satisfactory Restaurant on motorway, just it’s boring….all captured by big chain restaurants. Nails of globalization. Every British rest place on motorway you only find chain restaurants/cafes, every rest place has exactly same foods (except one rest place near Bristol (if I’m not wrong), they have local farmer shop restaurant with another policy, it looks much healthy and refreshed)

It’s science for itself, so leave it. Moan doesn’t change so long cut off capitalistic method of profit illness, not mention of quality (= healthy life), far before quality lays quantity. I’m happy to see even a chain restaurant in Germany. There’re a few of this Fish Restaurant. That brings me relative fresh and my favorite of marinated Matjes. Simple but tasty! Oh, I became hungry just speaking about this theme. Old sentence say “old mans sex is eatery.”
So, we had planned to go somewhere to eat not fast food.
I was informed organiser of the show prepared curry for all sound carriers and staff, brought also local beer, so we stayed here.

Everything go so slow today at this Victorian style house. As I heard this is second time or anyway few time they arrange show at this space. Ian, contact person and bassist of instant band tonight is happy that ticket is sold out. Ian told me in his mail the venue is similar to Trade Club in Hebden Bridge where we perform together few years ago. The house is middle of residential area, very silence. It has garden, fits good for beer garden in summer time.
The performance starts a bit later than announced.
Local supporting act and band, visitors were so relaxed and positive energy flow over space. Everything is well, result is Ian asked me to play again next year.

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