September 18 2019 (Wednesday) UK, Cambridge @ the Portland Arms

Damo Suzuki with Fuzzy Lights

Situation I’ve now, is quite new.
Since 5 weeks, I’m keep away from smoke cigarettes.
I hate to say I stopped to smoke cigarettes, I’m stopping, hey processing, it will be keep this way or that way, I just don’t like to give answer and make my self confusing with new set upped self-law.
Normally, before I go to tour I shave, but this time I didn’t.
It may superstition, so I quit from this and looks like how old I am naturally now, but who cares.
Another new start is a new driver for UK road.
I was looking for someone who has interest to support me drive around. You know since released from hospital in 2017, I better to have someone carry my luggage and take care of my health. It was recommended by my surgery doctor and Elke.
I sent mails to some UK mail addresses I have, as regular UK road driver E-da is busy with his music project which is fine, he is a musician, better do things of his own. Prompt I received a couple of positive replies able to support me on this tour within short time.

Alan is name to appear on this newsletter diary for first time. He lives in London, runs a small company of his own, roots in Ireland, also musician (guitarist) has own music project. When I contacted him, he was recording in studio. He was saying he has interest to join me on tour, as he is curious about musician on the road. I may be not good example to satisfy his curiosity, I’m a solo artist and not a band. I’m not that young, no exciting wild nightlife.
Another “new” thing follows next day, I leave it for now I inform you later, OK?

We made an appointment to meet up at Café, terminal 2 where German flight arrives. I reached that Café very early than appointment. Rules at immigration had been changed: Holders of Japanese and South Korean visitors go same scan control like European citizen. As I’m not a tourist, I’m performer I have to go to another immigration service where controlled my COS (UK work visa for performer) and some short interviews.
Most part of musicians task is waiting, waiting and waiting.
Even I arrived at Café early, it doesn’t matter actuary, as the Café has no pop music or average radio music sort of sound, instead they have classical music BGM, so it’s very welcome.

Alan appeared, not much later beside even my duty at immigration went fast.

London-Cambridge is one cat spring….a comfortable distance.
I woke up early at 4:00 MET this morning, my body needs a bit nap.
So, took a short nap, then we went to an Italian.

Mixed audience, young and old.
As usual spoke with some visitors, one said he didn’t know me and even don’t know what is my music all about. This is his first experience at Network performance and he deeply enjoyed. Oh, thanks. His words made my day and next motivation. Thanks for coming and see you next again. Few other people came from Brighton, they had been at Network performance few times, they’re curious to experience Network at different city, joined by local sound carriers around Cambridge. It’s fine, now a days I’ve some travelling visitors like to witness different music experience. One lady from Scotland contacted me (she also never heard of this project live), she will come to concert tomorrow in London, and she was planning her very special London trip. Thanks for all these travellers, this makes me so glad and proud, you know. It’s gives me so much motivation.

Today’s Network band playing together for long time. Guitarist is a French guy. It’s not special if I had a guitarist, I performed often with French musicians, just I couldn’t realise he is a French as he didn’t have that famous accent in his conversation. Like I’m master of Broken English, French people has very special accent on whatever language they speak, it’s unique and for my ears kind of charm. This young French guy spokes like domestic English people.
You can see I’m not great example for young people, I’m too lazy to learn any kind of language. I learned on street.
Now a day I collect sound carriers 15 minutes before our performance in green room. Talk about this and that, to make relaxed atmosphere, also talk about how we start.
“How we start” is just key of all Network performance. We don’t talk much about music we’ll create. Final part comes naturally anyway. This is free platform, nobody force you to do something. Here you may think I’m lazy again. No, no just I don’t like any plan and system, that’s all. Tonight we send two sound carriers at start on stage and later other sound carriers come on the stage whenever they feel like to join.
After the show I found smiling on faces in audience and sound carriers on the stage.
I didn’t have performance for two months, but my creative ability was just there like if I had show last night.

A kind of perfect day.

Still a mistake……. I didn’t buy night snacks after the show, I need them before I take daily medication tomorrow morning when I get up. My day start with small snacks and coffee followed by medication.

Live Documentation:

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