September 19 2019 (Thursday) UK, London @ the Old Blue Last

Damo Suzuki with Gently Tender: Adam Brown (Guitar), Will Doyle (Drums), Sam Fryer (Guitar) and Pete Mayhew (Keys , Bass)

Two and half years ago while I had to spend my time in hospital, I met two Japanese medicine students in training there. One of them named Hayashi contacted me to visit my London show just few weeks ago. He’ll arrange to get 5 days break and just visit my show in London! Seems to be he didn’t have any other plan even he will be in UK for first time, so I invited him if he also likes to come along to other shows, join our trip. He is curious about music style called “instant composing”, he say he never experienced this, so he is exciting, at same time he probably is curious (from perspective of young doctor) how I’m living now a days after such heavy surgeries as he knew my situation at that time.

This is 3rd new thing I was talking about, on tour someone join my tour. (Ha, ha I opened space for tourist?) Therefore Alan lent a bit larger car, enough space for 3 people, luggage and merchandising inclusive.
So, Hayashi join us Manchester and Ramsgate. 3 Network performances then go back to his daily life, back to Japan.

Japanese has not many holidays, I don’t know how many days, probably all together 2 weeks in year? Anyway far less than most European countries. Their over sea holidays are very short, rush, tight and hard schedule. They’re able to make sight-seeing London-Paris-Roma in just 3 days. It’s normal.
Surely, Hayashi going to have his own short special holidays, hope he enjoys this trip, hope at the end of his trip, he find it was worth to spend his time with Network experience and bring some impact at home. We’ll see.

24 hours parking for 50GBP!, the hotel has no own parking even they don’t offer discount parking ticket around. Say, it’s middle of London. The hotel is modern and very expensive like London use to be. They have rooms even in cellar, every single space worth of business, even room without window. It’s not natural, to be one night mole. Stop, moaning! The venue is closer just few blocks away.

Hayashi and I had an appointment meet at the venue around 18:00, nobody was there in the venue, just a friendly female sound lady. I open back door to get fresh air, then Hayashi stand there, seems to be surprised suddenly I’m standing in front of him even we had an appointment in time, it’s something funny, open the door found face of young medicine student.

The green room is nice space with roof landscape of the city at corner of junction. On the table a bottle of Gin and tonic water.
I opened the bottle shared Gin with him.
This was mistake, I forget to eat dinner.
Sound check just with keyboard, other boys were somewhere else.
The venue has similar structure like the Lexington, recently I perform relative often, just few blocks away from here.

I’d never tried this drink before even it’s trendy drink all over the world. After while I get really relax, I’ve enough time, the supporting band should have to play. I thought a band were arranged as opening band. No, there’s no 2nd set. Just one set with them.

Few weeks before, a female from Edinburgh mailed me she likes to experience Network performance, she arranged this trip. She showed after the show at merchandising space, she introduced her self. Thanks for spending your time whole way from Scotland.

Live Documentation:

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