September 22 2019 (Sunday) UK, London @ Windmill

Damo Suzuki with Phobophobes: Dan Lyons, Elliot Nash, Chris OC, George Russell, Jamie Taylor

Normally it’s not happen, trustful booker Tim of the venue didn’t contact me before the performing day for long time for any reason. Until a week before this date I didn’t know if this would happen or not. It’s strange feeling as I’ve performed here for many times and he is trustful person, it’s almost like a home game. He contacted me again at start of this tour. He said no worries, it get filled up with visitors on the performing day even just 1 week to go, his words happened true.

I don’t much care as Tim has been arranging each time very interesting band even I was not sure about sound carriers until sound check.
There is always young musicians here would like to join Network if there is opportunity next time. I hear each time someone say, “Damo, next time I will….”
The venue is not in the center, but London music fans know this space and the venue enjoying good call., even awarded as top 3 venues in London by Time Out magazine.

I personally like to perform here, one: above I said Tim arrange fantastic talented band, one: atmosphere is kind of nostalgic and one : sympathetic visitors that visited my show here many times and talk to me before/after the show.

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