February 27 2020 (Thursday) Germany, Berlin @ Arkaoda

Damo Suzuki with Spiritczualic Enhancement Center:
Æladin (Guitar), Camil Dumitrescu (Drums), Faani (Percussion), Carl-John Hoffmann (Bass), Yael Lavie (Kanun), Sasha Lee (Bass), Nocolas Sheikholeslami (Drums), Omri Shmulewitz (Keyboards)

Online booking is sometimes problem.
Until I came to check-in today, I didn’t know I booked same strech Cologne – Berlin twice. Computer at check-in showed that I did this mistake, lady at the desk inform me to contact the company to get money back. Strangely three young people before us made same mistake…. They’re fly to somewhere else. It may possible computer technical mistake as they looks far more taff than me on modern technic.
Each time I arrive Berlin airport, no matter of which one, infrastructure here is very poor, very poor for the capitol city of the country which has image of modern and high tec country that lost it’s lack. It’s not international representable, it’s just 3rd class local airport. Here you can see task of unable politician.
At 16:00 I’d an appointment for interview for new paper called “Risiko” issue by Japanese lady, she want feature me for their vol.1 and 2 issues, about my thought and about music

Quiet often I found Hotels in Berlin is comfortable size still – staying old building.
Berlin is booming city and trendy for young people from just everywhere, the venue is run by a Turkish guy from Istanbul, biggest city in Europe.
Members of the band are valuable from multi nation. from Jerusalem, from Theran, etc….
This was final of tour for them, they’re happy done 15 or some concerets in Europe.
Anyhow all of them looked very relaxed.
Michael Karoli’s daughters Tam and Angie showed up, all of us stayed long after the show, good moment, joined by some visitors, everybody have smiles and wanted to stay there much longer at that green room, wasn’t enough for such amount of people.
Anyway we had to go back hotel, our flight is very early, had only 2 hours to sleep.

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