February 16 2020 (Sunday) UK, London @ Lexington

Damo Suzuki with the Alice Hubble Experience : Sam Ayres (Drums), Adam Cresswell aka Rodney Cromwell (Electro), Alice Hubble (Keyboard), Matt Kelly (Guitar), Rachel Kennedy(Keyboartd) and Kevin Toublant (Bass)

Well mixed female/male band is something special.
Supporting band is the same band that performed with me last time at this venue.
You know, perform in London is play at home. Faces and sometimes sound carriers on the stage I may find same faces.
Since few London show, Michiko a friendly Japanese lady work in library somewhere south of London, support me as a volanteer for merchandising. She is open minded and even her ears are open while I speak from Bible. She was ambitioned Manga painter, so we have same thing to talk.
Indeed it’s comfortable to perfom here at united village of London.
I don’t have real touristy program at all, being London is just feel atomosphere. End of 60’s of last century I lived here for 2, 3 months Sheppard Bush and Seven Sisters. Since then London has changed, but London is still same that famous double bus may still be found 100 later too or (now China made) black box taxi.

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