February 15 2020 (Saturday) UK, Lewes @ Con Club

Damo Suzuki with Zofff: Chris Anderson (Bass, Organ), Richard Gorbutt (Modular Synth), Bic Hayes (Guitar), Al Strachan (Synth, Electronics, Trumpet) and Damo Waters (Drums),


Alan says he feel good with tasting oyster, anyway he wants to get less weight, so eat more oyster and less other food is good for day’s stomach flow. Two oyster heads back again to the fish restaurant beside river for breakfast. “No, no we don’t have…” Fish restaurant but they don’t surve oyster in the morning. So, we went chain organic café and oyster episode we’ll continue at another opportunity in Brighton, there I know a good fish restaurant, they have 4 different oyster to try. We agreed and drove further.
The fish restaurant was busy as usual, but they have strange rules that two person has to sit beside not face to face over table. Humm..I don’t understand really. To take communication is far better if you sit face to face. Anyway the place is still my favourite in this city.
2nd times to perform in Lewes, if I perform two times it’s like at home. So, people knows me and my music style. Sound carriers of the night is old friends band Zofff.

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