February 14 2020 (Friday) UK, Bristol @ Rough Trade

Damo Suzuki with Nigel Bryant (Electronics), Jeff Green (Bass), Jim Johnston (Guitar), James Mckeown (Guitar) and Aidan Searle (Drums)

In Bristol I’ve no Problem to find Restaurant, I know place to go. Do you think I’m always thinking about eat?
Well, if people come together start talk about weather then politic/sport then about girls, finally theme will be end up with food.
Is it not like this?
Off course I go to a fish restaurant., whenever I have opportunity I prefer to go to eat fish than meat. Just threw stakes on pan or on grill is not my thing. If I have to take meat then with yummy sauce that prepared over a night or two. Fish is better to eat simple as possible. Every fish has different tooth touch and taste and there’s hundreds of.
Alan is not a fish teaser, he had never ate fish, he says except in child food popular child food …fish finger. He didn’t recognise this is fish, he say. This day he make up his mind try to eat oyster for first time, influenced by me, I was talking teaching him how heavy value of healthy substance oyster has during we move from Manchester to Bristol. He cannot escape from my oyster lover story.

Lat time I was in this venue for book publishing event with writer Paul and host journalist Ian last year and perform here is first time. Probably due to Valentine day (I actually don’t know what is the reason, people celebrate. I won’t be droved by calendar anyway.) other venues are booked out.
I had appointment with 1850’s style photograph Gareth, he brought his assistant. He want shoot another photo. I might told you already that this shooting take long process, also equipment is heavy. We’ve done it before Network performance.

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