February 29 2020 (Saturday) UK, London @ Old Bath

Damo Suzuki with Randam sound carriers chosen by lottery just before performance.

Yesterday arrived London, whole day tired, wee meet up with our young neigbour pair took same flight to London. For them it’s first visit to the metropole. We just went to my favourite fish restaurant for dinner, unfortunately this time it was out of my taste, nothing really exiting, Elke is disappointed.

This time I booked AirBnB for 2 nights instead of hotel as I wanted have space. Also hotel rooms are boring, it’s has no character, OK it may depend on price too. So, I found pretty good space near Old Street with 110qm, with two sleeping rooms. The accommodation is at back yard, middle of London, but very silence and security as pin number at entrance then through court to our building entrance first floor, dining room and kitchen 2nd floor, at 3rd floor two sleeping room and bath room. We stay here for two nights, but if next time I come to London I may book same space. It’s very difficult to find good restaurant, but there is many good materials, so if I have an opportunity to have kitchen – No problem.

This day also interviewed by Japanese lady, photo shooting by Turkish lady from Istanbul (2 days Istanbul connection, see February 27 diary). They’re from WWFM internet radio. I’m sure they felt good, after interview we shared white wine before we head up to the venue, a old bath house.
Ken-San, organiser of “Krautrock Karaoke” ‘s 7th years annivarisy. They did already 50 something parties at different places. I join this time 3rd times. He told me there’s 70 musicians on list today, some of them as open act and supporting acts. My sound carriers tonight is selected by roll dice lottery from above mentioned 70 musicians just before the performance, so more spontanious is not exists.

Next day, continued stormy and wet weather.
While our neigbour friend went for sight seeing, we carry our tired body to Tate Modern that wasn’t much good like last time we’re here few years ago. Anyhow I’m not found of pop art stuff, I prefere more of Impressionist and German Romanticism.

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