October 9 2020 (Friday) Germany, Mannheim @ Der Mannheim Kult

Damo Suzuki with Kirchner Hoch-Tief

Last performance was end of February in London soun d like years gone.
Was expecting to tour Italy, USA and more. All had to cancel and notable to arrange shows in future.
As everybody else have experienced these ugly and primitive time with this measures on lock-down.
With attack of world wide plandemic, my action had to stop for unhuman reason. Who thought of this a year before. We’re since around 8 months in this nightmare that is really hard to believe.
Once I was short time in Belgium, at a Sonday marke, but soon I found uncomefortable to stay, all trip together just three hours. I couldn’t to stay there at that mask party.
I try to live with truth as far as I can remember in my life, majority of these times, lived free that never accepted someone forced to do this and that.
This is ugly moment with all these primitive measures coruppt authority is push us to do. It’s more than communist period eastern Germany. It’s like dark middle ages. Our mouth is shuted, social distance, qurantain…it’s attack of primitive dictator against our intelligence.
In such a situation to give concert is so difficult as I won’t accept this measures, I don’t like to see this slave mask in audience. Surely I accept this forced-ware-mask if hospitals are full of Covid patient, many people fall on the street. However, in fact is just opposite, even less died compare with last year by influenza, In Germany around 20,000 people die for NORMAL influenza every year, this time with Covid 19 anything around 9,000people died. But, this numbers are not correct as injured persons are older people with other illness and illness records, some lost life for isolation, bad handling, bad decision of medicine doctor, etc…. Real Covid victim is 1/10 of official announced numbers.
Victimes of this event is avelage 80 years old.

Our society is attacked by lies, neverending story of Covid.
Covid is phnomental than it self.
While majority of people don’t believe in existence of God because they cannot see.
People believe existence of Covid even they cannot see.
Father of lies may laughing about this at this moment.
It’s power of information sources-main stream media that is controlled by few information service worldwide that is all controlled by Deep States.…well you feel if I step on very strange field, pardon me.
Seems to be I stepped on filed of conspiracy theorist for some reader. But, listen, a year before who told about situation we have now is counted like conspiracy theorists?
Thing is that conspiracy exists thousands of years, if you research bible, you’ll find conspiracy all the way our history and if you research to find truth.
Mask and social distance are side products.
What totally disturbing me is “Lies are taking over truth”
Information is most dangerous weapon in human society.
Majority of people are involved without knowing, maybe.
How many of you’re talking as your truth even you don’t experience by yourself and take words or knowledge already by somebody informed you. Main stream media is creating your opinion, take care don’t go with them. You have to build up your courage, important like physical care. Even you never met and have no contact with a person, you have your opinion about this person tought by media. I won’t criticise a person if I don’t know this person personally. First criticise what he is doing.
For this example is president of USA, even before he elected, people are saying he is impossible, fool, idiot, so without any respect to the president of USA.

These all mixed up feeling, drove to Mannheim.
Weather was like situation in my mind. Dark and ugly.
Elke prepared some foods like if we’re going to picnic.
As you may know I’m not a fan of Autobahn restaurant, worse now here in Germany you must give your name, address and cell phone number if you visit restaurant.
I won’t give even a inch to this Satanic measures. It’s my last freedom to keep away from all these primitive measures.
So, we rest at small stop on the road, had home made coffee and foods which are all components of organic materials.
Marc the promoter of this performance agreed to book me Air B*B instead to stay at hotel. Even accommodation I wanted to have a bit of freedom not forced to ware mask.
2 days before, I was almost to cancel this show, but Marc prepared, spoke with responsible person at city office, so I agreed to perform.
The venue was found few days before, so show must go on.

Kirchhof Hochtief is the name of the band I perform together tonight. Short sound check I maeked that I didn’t have performance for 8 months, my voice was almost gone after the sound check.
Members of the band was dressed like business men/lady, joined by old man Damo with long hair hippy.
90 minutes of pertformance.
Audience was happy for “livin g music” we created spontaneously, really into it. I spoke with some visitors after the show.
After all these months, it was really free moment and exchange with young people with rather same direction about this plandemic.
Surely I have find new friends there.

Next day same way back to join music conference Electric-City in Düsseldorf .
Actually same day I had show arranged that I cancelled few weeks before as they were not possible to avoid all these Corona measures. So I’ve done a just talk guest that went far well as I’ve got positive echo from people and later in newspaper.
Well, I don’t know if next concert in Hannover may happen.
Probably not as Cologne where I lived is counted as risky spot, so I may not possible to drive to Hannover.
It’s not a good time.
I’m not sad, just angry that few idiots politician is causing and sentence brave citizn forced to live in jail.
Still in darkness I found or made a bit of light.
We have to win anyhow against these dark might.

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