February 12 2020 (Wednesday) UK, Coventry @ the Tin Music and Arts

Damo Suzuki with Resurrection Men: Casey, Miles, Mochrie, Parge and Wurzul


Last few days, terrible stormy weather captured this part of Germany that kindergarten and schools had to close. So finally good weather, feeling nice to fly even delay for 40minutes. But, it didn’t cause much on appointment time with Alan as I thought immigration takes long. It was just good in time.

Now a days immigration at Heathrow is much easier and faster than sometimes before. Easy going. I don’t know what’s happened. I’m not well informed as I completely shout out main stream media.

Funny start of trip is a young officer came while older officer is controlling and interviewing me, he say he is a huge fan, he said that he has to come to me and greets. It’s kind of strange at airport an officer knows my music. This has never happened before. It may good start for this tour?

Time fly by so quickly. I was astonished when Sarah who runs this venue as long as I know her, said last time I performed here was 8 years before. (Phew…where is all those times gone, so quickly?) It’s sounds like hundreds of years by number, but feels like it was just yesterday.
She brought old poster of my performance here from 2007, my first concert, she wished if I would give signature on it.

One of great thing on tour is meet old friends like Sarah. Also, I met Ian, a guitarist last time. In away I was expecting he might be appearing tonight if he is still in Coventry.
When he lived in Bristol, he let me stay at his apartment with forest of Vinyls. Even few times we played together.

Early at the venue, he showed up, a bit changed after all these years, but still easy to find him at front of me smiling.
He’s studying art now, heart-warming sentence from his mouth, he’s taking care of his 90 years old father. It’s understandable he does so as I know him as heart full man, his face witness it.

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