February 8 2020 (Saturday) Netherlands, Den Haag @ Grauzone Festival

Damo Suzuki with Tomo Katsurada (Guitar), Tim Koh (Bass), Go Kurosawa (Drums), Kohei Matsuda (Guitar) and Kyotaro Miula (Guitar, Synth)

There’re some big cities in Europe, young Japanese musician find charm. I know some Japanese musicians in London and Berlin. This time first time with Japanese musicians from Amsterdam. One sound carriers is a half Korean guy originally comes from LA. It’s the instant band, mixture of members from Kikagaku Moyo, Minami Deutsch, Bo Ningen and Ariel Pink. Now a day’s good amount of young Japanese musicians lives out of Japan as their music fits not to average Japanese concertgoers taste. So, many of these Japanese band find audience in abroad while in Japan not much venues are open for these young people. They are mainly my ½ ages young and looks better.

Few days before the festival Tomo and three Dutch girls visited me to shoot short film adverting for the festival.

So, Tomo was only person I met for first time. Kyotaro, I met once when I performed with Minami Deutsch at an another festival in the Netherlands, even released EP of that live. The curator of the instant band is Natasja, one of the organiser of this festival and one of above-mentioned girls visited me in Cologne. It’s her idea to put all these Asian sound carriers together.
45 minutes of Symposium, Q&A thing after sound check.

Good amount of people was in the hall, one reclaimed that I was too near to microphone and could not understand my talk that well. I used to bring my microphone every concert now a day, at this symposium I had not mine. But, any way I’m not really good with microphone handling.

At festival appearance, free time I don’t make many things, it’s not matter of interest in music other artist play. Just time goes against my will very fast. This is also opportunity to take conversation in Japanese. These days visit London, visit Berlin is kind of Japanese language lesson. Normally here in Cologne where I live I don’t use Japanese, I’ve no Japanese near…but, I like this, like to hear more of domestic language anywhere I’m involved. Somehow I found theme to talk, mainly Japanese people is quiet, so it’s sound like only just I’m talking.
We had good audience (for our taste) feedback was positive.

Next morning I had informed by my iPad strong storm „Sabine“ is visiting this part of Europe with around 150 km/h storm.
Especially, lightweight person like me has to care not fly by.
On Monday Kindergarten and schools are closed, many flights are cancelled, advice of radio voice is warning, better don’t drive next 24 hours. We drove just middle of Sabine visiting, car is sometimes shaking, had to drive slow and safety home.

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