November 11 2008 (Sunday) UK Exeter Phoenix

Damo Suzuki with Tynder: Gary Evans (Drums), Martin Holland (Trumpet), Kris Jager (Guitar, Bass) and Tony Whitehead (Laptop, Guitar)

There were few times offers came from this Devon city for a couple of years. Finally I made it. Patrick the organiser pick me up from the railway station which is not so far from the venue and the hotel. Both you can reach in two, three minutes. Also, Hotel is just in front of rail station, I take train tomorrow. Practical…Perfect!!.

Sound carriers come slowly I was relaxing. They, Tynder saw in internet that organiser was looking for sound carriers for Network performance. And here they are. The venue is kind of art space, There is no stage, but theatre form. Performance place is bottom of the room and audience are on sheat on stairsteps. Felt many people are working here and also unvisual band is making their rehearsal somewhere in this building.

Sound check is over I went to restaurant nearby and other sound carriers came same place. They invited me to sit with them…but, I was hungry and my dishes are almost over. Sitting at restaurant and eat alone is not always nice. After I have much time too so went to Hotel for check in. UK is great place for performing with ever changing local sound carriers….even local small place like here or Winchester a couple of days before, you can find amazing sound carriers.

November 10 2007 (Saturday) UK Nottingham Jumction7

I took one or train earlier from London as I have to buy ticket (By accident someone lost my ticket) and also I am the person who try to go earlier for any kind of appointment. I have bad experiences that I arrived late. So, I like to wait than let people waiting.

There are many thing you can do like window shopping, and if you have enough time, you are much flexible and not in stress. And sometime happens things which you never expected It was cold wet day…let’s say normal British november weather…this is category typical England. So, I had not that much interest walk in pouring rain with suits case and hand baggage.

So, decide to sit in station hall……… suddenly I found the face I know from somewhere in all strangers pool. Ned!..Ned! what are you doing here? Ned is the guy who organised two shows in Huddersfield. He is attended by his wife..and dog. Since when you have dog? I got it today. that’ why I’m in Nottingham. We went to pub just in front of the station, for their train they have still 30 minutes to special small room that we can smoke. Things like this happens when you have time. It was nice to meet him unexpected.

Unexpected thing like this is always nice. The Lords is the band (or members of them) I performed several times not only in Nottingham also in Oxford. Chris is handicapped come with his broken feets with stock. He is guitarist so no problem…oh he use pedals as well…are you Ok to perform? He just come back with positive answer as if this is necessary.

November 8 2007 (Thursday) UK London The Buffalo Bar

Damo Suzuki with Irina (Electronics) and Hounting Lodge: Seth Cooke (Drums), Clive Henry (Bass) and Daniel Bennet (Guitar)

The venue is directly beside Tube Victoria line Highbury & Islington station. I use mostly public transport while I am on the road. Generally travelling alone.

In London my friend Geralad attend me always. He is the guy saw many my performance since couple of years also he is always at sound check and he knows what will be at the performance. Hounting Lodge is the band I perform with tonight and this will be their last performance. (their singer arranged this show) They will be aparted as members are now living/working in different cities and not possible to meet so often and practice. Good wishes to all members from here.

I met a lady met in Philadelphia few weeks before. The venue is just beside tube station is not that much necessary point if we finish performance late in the night.

Problem in this capitol is that public transport Tube close very early, sure there is night bus which takes quite long time to get you to your destination. Also you must have enough information to reach your destination, I guess…Pubs are closing also so early. As one of biggest tourist monopol in Europe, it’ impossible. I know British like to drink…where are they drinking after midnight? In all that night clubs? So, onliest transportation after performance is take taxi…which is not that cheap. Look! London is one of most expensive city beside Moscow in Europe.

Novemver 6 2007 (Tuesday) UK Winchester The Railway

Damo Suzuki with The Limes: Jez Cole (Guitar), Jimmy Fish (Guitar), James Moore (Drums), Ian Roberts (Percussion), Kneel Stainer (Percussion, Coarse Language) and Duncan Wilson (Bass)

Winchester is really small city. Arrived early afternoon via Gatwick airport, went to pub with organiser and sound carriers , near railway few steps from railway station.Eat snacks. And this place, I perform.

Early afternoon Guinness. I had enough time to sound check, Jes the organiser invited me to come to his place to relax, also he is host of today.On the way cross this small town. Season off..but, still a few tourist in sight. Anything moving slow, feel deep middle in UK.

Shock of the day begun, my merchandising and train tickets were missing…there a guy much lazy than me, didn’t pick up anything for me. I have to say trust is one of most important thing in human society. Trust is also part or respect. Without this human society is a bit poor.

November 3 2007 (Saturday) Greece Athens Kytarro

Damo Suzuki with Dimitris Kamarotos (Live Electronics, Wind Controller), Tilemachos Moussas (Electric Guitar , Loops, Midi Guitaritar, Theremin, Berimbau) and Savina Yannatou (Vocal improvisation)

Back home 2AM, Wake up at 4AM to catch flight at 6:45AM. In flight my head was after party atmosphere…many sounds in brain hanging and hundreds of people speaking same time into my ear…. Landed in Athens in mild winter weather.

Antonis picked me up, told me he would like to shoot film with interview. And also he was meaning he organised my time table of the today until leave tomorrow. So, I would never get bored, I guess. First step was to Hotel, even I had not that much stuff for short trip to Greece. Rest for a while. He asked me what I like to eat. It took me not even second to give him answer. F-I-S-H!!! Oh, if I am in Greece like to eat ONLY fish. Very comfortable and friendly restaurant I met Tilemachos, later joined by Savina. Antonis was saying few interview…He arranged many people. Not only camera and light…I had to act myself door open a couple of females go into the venue then I as last I come into venue and at reception guy take my coat, He is Greece poet, They asked me about my work and Network, a lady who drive car to bring me here too translate my answer German to Greek then poet come again and he say something in Greece, and so on…

An another scene was one attractive young actress lay on stage and she had to improvise act with me and a drummer performing. She was very charming lady. The venue Kyttaro is institution..oldest Rock venue in Athen, mabe also in Greece. They closed for two decade and re-opened by founder’s son recently. Performance was 2 sets, first set without percussion. Savina is really amazing improvisor and done well.. .some places I went people spoken about her. Nowadays I perform often with “Another Vocal”..strange mainly ladies.

November 2 2007 (Friday) Germany Bonn Mausefalle

Damo Suzuki with Grundwasser: Torsten Kramer (Drums), Sito Steinforth (Bass) and Dominik von Senger (Guitar)

Stayed in NYC for one extra day, went to shopping and cooked food. Oyster I bought in Supermarket was not good one…so, I had to throw it out. 2nd performance with Grundwasser this year.

I came back from US yesterday. Cologne to Bonn is very near and the band I perform is with my old friend Dominik…. His great guitarist…but, pity he lives in country..he should get much chance to perform. Sito the bassist is almost my generation and very relaxed guy. Torsten is much younger and still searching for something. All three lives in same are.

Nice place,but I’m not good enough to live in country side. I quit from driving since twenty years…Without car you are lost. Driving has been stressed me, was not interesting about car (many men loves car) also I was bad driver with many light accident….. My friend Juergen showed up from Frankfurt.

October 29 2007 (Monday) USA New York, NY Knitting Factory

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

I forget to ask Jonathan if he has fun perform together with us in Knits. He would never say no (I am meaning positive way). He just pack his bass and comes. We had good time together last days that even he forget to ask me ..I guess.

Regina took contact to him and he promised will come even it was already afternoon and it takes some hours from Boston to NYC. We came quite early so, I went for dinner Japanese food in Chinese Restaurant. I had many choices But, what can I do in middle of metropolis with thousands of people plus wandering tourist with many plastic bags. I just need silence and rest.

When I came back to the venue a couple of people were there include Alyssa and her girlfriend setting up their film camera….they want to document our sound check. They are artists/art students. Oneida guys, Akron Family guys and others…al complete. The evening was very beautiful evening…But, after we start I cannot remember..may be too much whisky, (wonderful day it has tasted really good…..Irish Jameson’s) anyway people were exciting.

Normally after show I don’t stay in dressing room. I rather like to go to audience or selling merchandising to get some contact with audience. This evening I had guests Shinobu and Mokuno, my New York day’s friend. Japanese friends with US pass. Also Jameela joined. Yes, I had to report here that this amazing evening had also great artist Toni Conrad opened. His fantastic universal sound from his violin. It was really nice to have such great artist on same stage, at this point the audience was already in ecstasy. As I did…I heard him performing and listen to it for a while and I went back to backstage it was enough…I just like to perform..

After few days, sound carriers of that night mailed me how it was amazing…musically I cannot remember as usual….but, it had to be a good performance. Whisky made me all memories out. Seems to be we performed something like 2,5 hours without break, one piece….still I’m not sure.

October 28 2007 (Sunday) USA New Heaven, CT Bar

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Yesterday was a day off we drive through Providence, city which has European atmosphere, then Jonathan and Sue took me to Plymouth before heading to Winthrup, where my friend Jonathan lives. Sue works WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) there.

Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time for Whale Watching. Plymouth is the place Mayflower landed in 1620. And Mayflower comes from Plymouth, south England then they named this place Plymouth, Jonathan explained.

There is fish market at waterfront in Plymouth, we bought Lobster. You can’t imagine if you are living in Europe. (As I Am living in Europe I compare always with Europe…) 1pc Lobster costs 9 to 11 usd!!!! ..which is much cheaper than hamburger with big M on it. Even Jonathan told me after storm there are thousands of Lobsters on the beach. you can get it for free… His place is just made for him, he as surfer, just in front of Atlantic, just cross the street.

Before start to New Heaven we went to rehearching room of sund carrier friends band Cul De Sac in Boston. Nice to see Glenn and Robin…also new drummer. Didn’t see them for years. The venue is in large Pizza restaurant, which produce family size pizza. Really huge, like…table. But, this is typical or usual America, we, Europeans think of. As usual many music police was there and after the show discussed about music and energy.

June 23, 24(Saturday, Sunday) Canada Driftpile Valley The North Country Fair

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Yesterday, Pauline brought me to Winnipeg Airport. She seemed to be very tired, but I guess she was happy…she liked result of our music. Crystal, Tippy’s girlfriend picked me up from Edmonton Airport. Tippy is good friend of Tracy and Darryl.

He and other sound carriers are already gone for the festival as they had performances of their own.. In Edmonton I found Japanese restaurant while Crystal was getting ready at home for trip, I went there without any doubt…even their chief was Japanese… it was not quality that I imagined. This time blind faith was not by my side. Then after around 4 hours drive to North. On the way, I tell you I saw most beautiful sunset in my life. It was not looks like from this world. Canada’s sky is huge, clouds are fantastic. Around 10:30 PM sunset…this unforgettable scene begined short before 10PM. Yellow to Pink, Pink to Orange around sun changes colours…a nature spectacle. then turn to red …what a nice view. Such a beautiful scene even forget to take pictures…then only sun is red and other sky getting dark and clouds covers sun.

Crystal, she lived in Marburg, Germany was also amused for this nature theatre. and after while we drive through forest fire ruine for 30 hour, her son attended us has already sleeping. Tragic landscapes with burned trees. She explained me around 8 years ago this space was in bushfire and fire devil damaged something like 200 quarad Km. It’s ghost landscape. We arrived around midnight at Driftpile Valley. Was not really good weather in darkness, even worse wet and cold. I brought myself to strange Hotel later. 23rd was also rainy..wet and cold. we performed at kind of workshop…5 stages at Festival and the space we performed was quite far from main stage, so not that much audience. Tippy set up his small drum kit at middle of stage.

We were Tippy, Benny, a Norwegian, founder of Origami Galakitika….Tippy informed me that one performed with Origami Galaktika twice he can release under this name. Benny is doing similar thing like Network project. He is a Norwegian you can imagine like norwegian tree and looks like viking..silence nice guy with tender voice. Beside we had saxphoneplayer and Rap singer trio who made things quite well. My second day at festival was more hard rain and some artist performed against rain sometimes it was really hard like waterfalls.

Audience stayed at their tent. Cold and’s not really fun…also we didn’t know when we perform. All schedule was chaotic. Waiting and waiting for very very long time in artist tent. After rain was gone we performed at small stage unfortunately for little audience. Organiser couldn’t find bass for Benny so he couldn’t join. we were trio, Tippy, me and a young heavy metal guitarist from Cargary. But, he played well improvised space sound. Next day Crystal , me and her son took ride back to Edmonton….

I stayed by Cam who arranged me this performance at unlucky festival. Next day at breakfast I had nice talk with Tippy, Tippy’s mother and Cam’s mother. Two old ladies were really nice to speak with me. Tippy’s mother was a music teacher. Even she knows some Japanese traditional music tunes.

June 21 2007 (Thursday) Canada St.Nobert Solstice Sircus

Damo Suzuki with Doreen Girard (Cello), Natalia Zielinski (Violin) and Absent Sound: Josh Butcher (Organs, Vocals), Kelly Castle (Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars), David Fort (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Robert Menard (Guitars, Samples, Loops, Vocals)

The day before we arrived Toronto, picked up by Tracy, this time she organised my Canada tour. This trip is not only performing in Canada. This time I have quite a lots of time between shows, to see this land and end of trip visit my friend Bill and Sue in Washington States for a couple of days. After lost of German sausages which we bought at Frankfurt Airport, I brought for my friends at Canadian immigration…

It’s pity some country does not accept to bring tasty things from other countries. (Specially meat) Canada, New Zealand and Australia among them. This was totally blackout of me…I was forgetting this rule when I saw tasty sausages at Frankfurt airport.

When we arrive Tracy and Darryl’s house. Darryl, the producer was busy working with two Canadian duo at his studio. When all come together, then we drink German sekt (sparking wine) Prosit!!!! Was good I went to bed at around 12 o’clock, so next day I have nothing from jetlag. It’s good!!! Flight to Winnipeg. Pauline, promotor of small festival and Rob, guitarist of Abset Sound picked me up from airport….but, they went wrong place waiting for me .so….it took an hour we met together.

My stay for a night is a big house where an another guitarist Dave live with 9 young artists. Dave was preparing wellcome dinner, grill of Fish caught from the river through Winnipeg flows. This was first hard contact with mosquitos whole of this trip. Seems to be Winnipeg is hardest place for this as one told me if you arrive Winnipeg all you have to do is just running and running…. They are kinda hard core and naughty. Itching make me mad. I was invited for rehearsal…generally I don’t do any rehearsal….but, what I do I am alone in the city?…make a bit of music.

Under rehearsal room was huge warehouse for fantastic secondhand theatre costumes for 2 stocks. This would be perfect place for person who has interest in fancy clothes and it was fantastic place…tons of clothes!!!!They were so happy after rehearsal and ready to go for next day. Today I changed the stay…move directly next to the venue, the ruin of the church, a fantastic ambiente..but, moskitos follows. It’s nice art centre I stay they served me organic food.

There are some interesting acts before we performed. We did long set, one piece for around two hours or so. Absent Sound bought an old school bus (you know, that yellow one), You might see them travelling around North America one day. Pauline was temperamental person, she carry lightning equipement doing this and that. She runs organic farm and beside this she organise art/music shows at Winnipeg area. Very powerful lady. My sound is also somewhere organic too……..