March 31 2007 (Saturday) UK Coventry @ Taylor Johns House

Damo Suzuki with Black Carrot: Oliver Betts (Tenor Sax, Bass Recorder, Electric Piano, Percussion), Tom Betts (Drums), Stewart Brackley (Electric Bass, Contrabass, Voice) and Euan Rodger (Percussion, Tapes, Voice)

Sarah who works together with concert organiser Richard picked me up from the airport last night and brought to Rich’s place…On the way we saw traffic accident, a young man were on their road laying..hope not bad thing happened, so we had to take an another way. Richard is in Scotland with his label stuff

So, this time I didn’t see him and he lost chance to experience Network sound. Coventry is absolutely first time to perform. There was 2 sets before Network performance. But, Both bands are members of Black Carrot from Leicester, with whom I will perform again at the of this month in their home town.

The venue is nice venue separated drink and performance room. Stage is a bit small..but it doesn’t bother me that much. Some told me that tonight many music police was in the room…around 80 percent of audience was musicians….Which is quite normal at my concerts, they watch at and research and some of them ask me after the show if there is any possibilities to perform with some of next Network performance.

Its nice..many people greeted my idea of Never Ending Tour and Network ideology, feel there are more and more people step on this path and enjoying spontaneous sound making getting with friendship with create time and space of the moment.

March 13 2007 (Tuesday) Japan Tokyo @ Super Deluxe

1st Set: Damo Suzuki with Yoshio Kuge (Drums), Yuriko Mukojima (Violin) and Takashi Ueno (Guitar) 2nd Set: Damo Suzuki with Jimanica (Drums), Cal Lyall (Analog Synthesizer, Effects), Mori-shige (Cello), Mitsuru Nasuno (Bass) Teruyuki Oshima (Guitar) Both sets: Masahide Ando (Live Mixing) and Ohpia (Lighting and Visual Manipulations)

I was invited from Cal, a young Canadian who lives 9 years in Japan and supporting Japanese underground scene and organised this show at this venue. This was entrance free concert that’s why I was not informing on my website until other Tokyo concerts are over to avoid difficulties to get audience in other venues. 

Co-curator Tabata, whom I performed with the first show of this Japan tour on March 1st. had to go to hospital and stay there unfortunately. (He is now getting well…. I take this space to send many love to him.) Roppongi where this venue placed is kinda trend setter area in asphalt jungle Tokyo for followers of fashion whom interesting about what is the trend. Very international ambiente. Owner of this venue Mike is an american. There was a supporting band and 2 Network sets which is organised as “Neverending Mystery Singer show ”

After the show I and Cal and three of his friends from US and UK hang over at Japanese noodle restaurant eat Ramen and Cal’s place as I had to go to airport very early in the morning to catch the plane back to Europe. It’s fun to be together with four foreigners, British and US American they speak Japanese and they know much about Japan now even better than I do.  This time It was really a nice visit to Japan and had many experience this time…an exciting trip!!!!

Early next morning I left Cal’s apartment, Love-san was waiting for me at Sin-Okubo station took me to airport by his car, during drive and also at airport I was not able to speak and some short seconds I slept. it was not good manner from me that I didn’t have much communication with Love-san….My battery was quite empty…..But, with happiness fly back to home.