November 10 2007 (Saturday) UK Nottingham Jumction7

I took one or train earlier from London as I have to buy ticket (By accident someone lost my ticket) and also I am the person who try to go earlier for any kind of appointment. I have bad experiences that I arrived late. So, I like to wait than let people waiting.

There are many thing you can do like window shopping, and if you have enough time, you are much flexible and not in stress. And sometime happens things which you never expected It was cold wet day…let’s say normal British november weather…this is category typical England. So, I had not that much interest walk in pouring rain with suits case and hand baggage.

So, decide to sit in station hall……… suddenly I found the face I know from somewhere in all strangers pool. Ned!..Ned! what are you doing here? Ned is the guy who organised two shows in Huddersfield. He is attended by his wife..and dog. Since when you have dog? I got it today. that’ why I’m in Nottingham. We went to pub just in front of the station, for their train they have still 30 minutes to special small room that we can smoke. Things like this happens when you have time. It was nice to meet him unexpected.

Unexpected thing like this is always nice. The Lords is the band (or members of them) I performed several times not only in Nottingham also in Oxford. Chris is handicapped come with his broken feets with stock. He is guitarist so no problem…oh he use pedals as well…are you Ok to perform? He just come back with positive answer as if this is necessary.

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