November 11 2008 (Sunday) UK Exeter Phoenix

Damo Suzuki with Tynder: Gary Evans (Drums), Martin Holland (Trumpet), Kris Jager (Guitar, Bass) and Tony Whitehead (Laptop, Guitar)

There were few times offers came from this Devon city for a couple of years. Finally I made it. Patrick the organiser pick me up from the railway station which is not so far from the venue and the hotel. Both you can reach in two, three minutes. Also, Hotel is just in front of rail station, I take train tomorrow. Practical…Perfect!!.

Sound carriers come slowly I was relaxing. They, Tynder saw in internet that organiser was looking for sound carriers for Network performance. And here they are. The venue is kind of art space, There is no stage, but theatre form. Performance place is bottom of the room and audience are on sheat on stairsteps. Felt many people are working here and also unvisual band is making their rehearsal somewhere in this building.

Sound check is over I went to restaurant nearby and other sound carriers came same place. They invited me to sit with them…but, I was hungry and my dishes are almost over. Sitting at restaurant and eat alone is not always nice. After I have much time too so went to Hotel for check in. UK is great place for performing with ever changing local sound carriers….even local small place like here or Winchester a couple of days before, you can find amazing sound carriers.

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