June 23, 24(Saturday, Sunday) Canada Driftpile Valley The North Country Fair

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Yesterday, Pauline brought me to Winnipeg Airport. She seemed to be very tired, but I guess she was happy…she liked result of our music. Crystal, Tippy’s girlfriend picked me up from Edmonton Airport. Tippy is good friend of Tracy and Darryl.

He and other sound carriers are already gone for the festival as they had performances of their own.. In Edmonton I found Japanese restaurant while Crystal was getting ready at home for trip, I went there without any doubt…even their chief was Japanese… it was not quality that I imagined. This time blind faith was not by my side. Then after around 4 hours drive to North. On the way, I tell you I saw most beautiful sunset in my life. It was not looks like from this world. Canada’s sky is huge, clouds are fantastic. Around 10:30 PM sunset…this unforgettable scene begined short before 10PM. Yellow to Pink, Pink to Orange around sun changes colours…a nature spectacle. then turn to red …what a nice view. Such a beautiful scene even forget to take pictures…then only sun is red and other sky getting dark and clouds covers sun.

Crystal, she lived in Marburg, Germany was also amused for this nature theatre. and after while we drive through forest fire ruine for 30 hour, her son attended us has already sleeping. Tragic landscapes with burned trees. She explained me around 8 years ago this space was in bushfire and fire devil damaged something like 200 quarad Km. It’s ghost landscape. We arrived around midnight at Driftpile Valley. Was not really good weather in darkness, even worse wet and cold. I brought myself to strange Hotel later. 23rd was also rainy..wet and cold. we performed at kind of workshop…5 stages at Festival and the space we performed was quite far from main stage, so not that much audience. Tippy set up his small drum kit at middle of stage.

We were Tippy, Benny, a Norwegian, founder of Origami Galakitika….Tippy informed me that one performed with Origami Galaktika twice he can release under this name. Benny is doing similar thing like Network project. He is a Norwegian you can imagine like norwegian tree and looks like viking..silence nice guy with tender voice. Beside we had saxphoneplayer and Rap singer trio who made things quite well. My second day at festival was more hard rain and some artist performed against rain sometimes it was really hard like waterfalls.

Audience stayed at their tent. Cold and wet..it’s not really fun…also we didn’t know when we perform. All schedule was chaotic. Waiting and waiting for very very long time in artist tent. After rain was gone we performed at small stage unfortunately for little audience. Organiser couldn’t find bass for Benny so he couldn’t join. we were trio, Tippy, me and a young heavy metal guitarist from Cargary. But, he played well improvised space sound. Next day Crystal , me and her son took ride back to Edmonton….

I stayed by Cam who arranged me this performance at unlucky festival. Next day at breakfast I had nice talk with Tippy, Tippy’s mother and Cam’s mother. Two old ladies were really nice to speak with me. Tippy’s mother was a music teacher. Even she knows some Japanese traditional music tunes.

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