November 3 2007 (Saturday) Greece Athens Kytarro

Damo Suzuki with Dimitris Kamarotos (Live Electronics, Wind Controller), Tilemachos Moussas (Electric Guitar , Loops, Midi Guitaritar, Theremin, Berimbau) and Savina Yannatou (Vocal improvisation)

Back home 2AM, Wake up at 4AM to catch flight at 6:45AM. In flight my head was after party atmosphere…many sounds in brain hanging and hundreds of people speaking same time into my ear…. Landed in Athens in mild winter weather.

Antonis picked me up, told me he would like to shoot film with interview. And also he was meaning he organised my time table of the today until leave tomorrow. So, I would never get bored, I guess. First step was to Hotel, even I had not that much stuff for short trip to Greece. Rest for a while. He asked me what I like to eat. It took me not even second to give him answer. F-I-S-H!!! Oh, if I am in Greece like to eat ONLY fish. Very comfortable and friendly restaurant I met Tilemachos, later joined by Savina. Antonis was saying few interview…He arranged many people. Not only camera and light…I had to act myself door open a couple of females go into the venue then I as last I come into venue and at reception guy take my coat, He is Greece poet, They asked me about my work and Network, a lady who drive car to bring me here too translate my answer German to Greek then poet come again and he say something in Greece, and so on…

An another scene was one attractive young actress lay on stage and she had to improvise act with me and a drummer performing. She was very charming lady. The venue Kyttaro is institution..oldest Rock venue in Athen, mabe also in Greece. They closed for two decade and re-opened by founder’s son recently. Performance was 2 sets, first set without percussion. Savina is really amazing improvisor and done well.. .some places I went people spoken about her. Nowadays I perform often with “Another Vocal”..strange mainly ladies.

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