Novemver 6 2007 (Tuesday) UK Winchester The Railway

Damo Suzuki with The Limes: Jez Cole (Guitar), Jimmy Fish (Guitar), James Moore (Drums), Ian Roberts (Percussion), Kneel Stainer (Percussion, Coarse Language) and Duncan Wilson (Bass)

Winchester is really small city. Arrived early afternoon via Gatwick airport, went to pub with organiser and sound carriers , near railway few steps from railway station.Eat snacks. And this place, I perform.

Early afternoon Guinness. I had enough time to sound check, Jes the organiser invited me to come to his place to relax, also he is host of today.On the way cross this small town. Season off..but, still a few tourist in sight. Anything moving slow, feel deep middle in UK.

Shock of the day begun, my merchandising and train tickets were missing…there a guy much lazy than me, didn’t pick up anything for me. I have to say trust is one of most important thing in human society. Trust is also part or respect. Without this human society is a bit poor.

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