November 8 2007 (Thursday) UK London The Buffalo Bar

Damo Suzuki with Irina (Electronics) and Hounting Lodge: Seth Cooke (Drums), Clive Henry (Bass) and Daniel Bennet (Guitar)

The venue is directly beside Tube Victoria line Highbury & Islington station. I use mostly public transport while I am on the road. Generally travelling alone.

In London my friend Geralad attend me always. He is the guy saw many my performance since couple of years also he is always at sound check and he knows what will be at the performance. Hounting Lodge is the band I perform with tonight and this will be their last performance. (their singer arranged this show) They will be aparted as members are now living/working in different cities and not possible to meet so often and practice. Good wishes to all members from here.

I met a lady met in Philadelphia few weeks before. The venue is just beside tube station is not that much necessary point if we finish performance late in the night.

Problem in this capitol is that public transport Tube close very early, sure there is night bus which takes quite long time to get you to your destination. Also you must have enough information to reach your destination, I guess…Pubs are closing also so early. As one of biggest tourist monopol in Europe, it’ impossible. I know British like to drink…where are they drinking after midnight? In all that night clubs? So, onliest transportation after performance is take taxi…which is not that cheap. Look! London is one of most expensive city beside Moscow in Europe.

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