October 28 2007 (Sunday) USA New Heaven, CT Bar

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Yesterday was a day off we drive through Providence, city which has European atmosphere, then Jonathan and Sue took me to Plymouth before heading to Winthrup, where my friend Jonathan lives. Sue works WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) there.

Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time for Whale Watching. Plymouth is the place Mayflower landed in 1620. And Mayflower comes from Plymouth, south England then they named this place Plymouth, Jonathan explained.

There is fish market at waterfront in Plymouth, we bought Lobster. You can’t imagine if you are living in Europe. (As I Am living in Europe I compare always with Europe…) 1pc Lobster costs 9 to 11 usd!!!! ..which is much cheaper than hamburger with big M on it. Even Jonathan told me after storm there are thousands of Lobsters on the beach. you can get it for free… His place is just made for him, he as surfer, just in front of Atlantic, just cross the street.

Before start to New Heaven we went to rehearching room of sund carrier friends band Cul De Sac in Boston. Nice to see Glenn and Robin…also new drummer. Didn’t see them for years. The venue is in large Pizza restaurant, which produce family size pizza. Really huge, like…table. But, this is typical or usual America, we, Europeans think of. As usual many music police was there and after the show discussed about music and energy.

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