October 29 2007 (Monday) USA New York, NY Knitting Factory

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

I forget to ask Jonathan if he has fun perform together with us in Knits. He would never say no (I am meaning positive way). He just pack his bass and comes. We had good time together last days that even he forget to ask me ..I guess.

Regina took contact to him and he promised will come even it was already afternoon and it takes some hours from Boston to NYC. We came quite early so, I went for dinner Japanese food in Chinese Restaurant. I had many choices But, what can I do in middle of metropolis with thousands of people plus wandering tourist with many plastic bags. I just need silence and rest.

When I came back to the venue a couple of people were there include Alyssa and her girlfriend setting up their film camera….they want to document our sound check. They are artists/art students. Oneida guys, Akron Family guys and others…al complete. The evening was very beautiful evening…But, after we start I cannot remember..may be too much whisky, (wonderful day it has tasted really good…..Irish Jameson’s) anyway people were exciting.

Normally after show I don’t stay in dressing room. I rather like to go to audience or selling merchandising to get some contact with audience. This evening I had guests Shinobu and Mokuno, my New York day’s friend. Japanese friends with US pass. Also Jameela joined. Yes, I had to report here that this amazing evening had also great artist Toni Conrad opened. His fantastic universal sound from his violin. It was really nice to have such great artist on same stage, at this point the audience was already in ecstasy. As I did…I heard him performing and listen to it for a while and I went back to backstage it was enough…I just like to perform..

After few days, sound carriers of that night mailed me how it was amazing…musically I cannot remember as usual….but, it had to be a good performance. Whisky made me all memories out. Seems to be we performed something like 2,5 hours without break, one piece….still I’m not sure.

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