June 21 2007 (Thursday) Canada St.Nobert Solstice Sircus

Damo Suzuki with Doreen Girard (Cello), Natalia Zielinski (Violin) and Absent Sound: Josh Butcher (Organs, Vocals), Kelly Castle (Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars), David Fort (Guitars, Bass, Vocals) and Robert Menard (Guitars, Samples, Loops, Vocals)

The day before we arrived Toronto, picked up by Tracy, this time she organised my Canada tour. This trip is not only performing in Canada. This time I have quite a lots of time between shows, to see this land and end of trip visit my friend Bill and Sue in Washington States for a couple of days. After lost of German sausages which we bought at Frankfurt Airport, I brought for my friends at Canadian immigration…

It’s pity some country does not accept to bring tasty things from other countries. (Specially meat) Canada, New Zealand and Australia among them. This was totally blackout of me…I was forgetting this rule when I saw tasty sausages at Frankfurt airport.

When we arrive Tracy and Darryl’s house. Darryl, the producer was busy working with two Canadian duo at his studio. When all come together, then we drink German sekt (sparking wine) Prosit!!!! Was good I went to bed at around 12 o’clock, so next day I have nothing from jetlag. It’s good!!! Flight to Winnipeg. Pauline, promotor of small festival and Rob, guitarist of Abset Sound picked me up from airport….but, they went wrong place waiting for me .so….it took an hour we met together.

My stay for a night is a big house where an another guitarist Dave live with 9 young artists. Dave was preparing wellcome dinner, grill of Fish caught from the river through Winnipeg flows. This was first hard contact with mosquitos whole of this trip. Seems to be Winnipeg is hardest place for this as one told me if you arrive Winnipeg all you have to do is just running and running…. They are kinda hard core and naughty. Itching make me mad. I was invited for rehearsal…generally I don’t do any rehearsal….but, what I do I am alone in the city?…make a bit of music.

Under rehearsal room was huge warehouse for fantastic secondhand theatre costumes for 2 stocks. This would be perfect place for person who has interest in fancy clothes and it was fantastic place…tons of clothes!!!!They were so happy after rehearsal and ready to go for next day. Today I changed the stay…move directly next to the venue, the ruin of the church, a fantastic ambiente..but, moskitos follows. It’s nice art centre I stay they served me organic food.

There are some interesting acts before we performed. We did long set, one piece for around two hours or so. Absent Sound bought an old school bus (you know, that yellow one), You might see them travelling around North America one day. Pauline was temperamental person, she carry lightning equipement doing this and that. She runs organic farm and beside this she organise art/music shows at Winnipeg area. Very powerful lady. My sound is also somewhere organic too……..

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