October 9 2020 (Friday) Germany, Mannheim @ Der Mannheim Kult

Damo Suzuki with Kirchner Hoch-Tief

Last performance was end of February in London soun d like years gone.
Was expecting to tour Italy, USA and more. All had to cancel and notable to arrange shows in future.
As everybody else have experienced these ugly and primitive time with this measures on lock-down.
With attack of world wide plandemic, my action had to stop for unhuman reason. Who thought of this a year before. We’re since around 8 months in this nightmare that is really hard to believe.
Once I was short time in Belgium, at a Sonday marke, but soon I found uncomefortable to stay, all trip together just three hours. I couldn’t to stay there at that mask party.
I try to live with truth as far as I can remember in my life, majority of these times, lived free that never accepted someone forced to do this and that.
This is ugly moment with all these primitive measures coruppt authority is push us to do. It’s more than communist period eastern Germany. It’s like dark middle ages. Our mouth is shuted, social distance, qurantain…it’s attack of primitive dictator against our intelligence.
In such a situation to give concert is so difficult as I won’t accept this measures, I don’t like to see this slave mask in audience. Surely I accept this forced-ware-mask if hospitals are full of Covid patient, many people fall on the street. However, in fact is just opposite, even less died compare with last year by influenza, In Germany around 20,000 people die for NORMAL influenza every year, this time with Covid 19 anything around 9,000people died. But, this numbers are not correct as injured persons are older people with other illness and illness records, some lost life for isolation, bad handling, bad decision of medicine doctor, etc…. Real Covid victim is 1/10 of official announced numbers.
Victimes of this event is avelage 80 years old.

Our society is attacked by lies, neverending story of Covid.
Covid is phnomental than it self.
While majority of people don’t believe in existence of God because they cannot see.
People believe existence of Covid even they cannot see.
Father of lies may laughing about this at this moment.
It’s power of information sources-main stream media that is controlled by few information service worldwide that is all controlled by Deep States.…well you feel if I step on very strange field, pardon me.
Seems to be I stepped on filed of conspiracy theorist for some reader. But, listen, a year before who told about situation we have now is counted like conspiracy theorists?
Thing is that conspiracy exists thousands of years, if you research bible, you’ll find conspiracy all the way our history and if you research to find truth.
Mask and social distance are side products.
What totally disturbing me is “Lies are taking over truth”
Information is most dangerous weapon in human society.
Majority of people are involved without knowing, maybe.
How many of you’re talking as your truth even you don’t experience by yourself and take words or knowledge already by somebody informed you. Main stream media is creating your opinion, take care don’t go with them. You have to build up your courage, important like physical care. Even you never met and have no contact with a person, you have your opinion about this person tought by media. I won’t criticise a person if I don’t know this person personally. First criticise what he is doing.
For this example is president of USA, even before he elected, people are saying he is impossible, fool, idiot, so without any respect to the president of USA.

These all mixed up feeling, drove to Mannheim.
Weather was like situation in my mind. Dark and ugly.
Elke prepared some foods like if we’re going to picnic.
As you may know I’m not a fan of Autobahn restaurant, worse now here in Germany you must give your name, address and cell phone number if you visit restaurant.
I won’t give even a inch to this Satanic measures. It’s my last freedom to keep away from all these primitive measures.
So, we rest at small stop on the road, had home made coffee and foods which are all components of organic materials.
Marc the promoter of this performance agreed to book me Air B*B instead to stay at hotel. Even accommodation I wanted to have a bit of freedom not forced to ware mask.
2 days before, I was almost to cancel this show, but Marc prepared, spoke with responsible person at city office, so I agreed to perform.
The venue was found few days before, so show must go on.

Kirchhof Hochtief is the name of the band I perform together tonight. Short sound check I maeked that I didn’t have performance for 8 months, my voice was almost gone after the sound check.
Members of the band was dressed like business men/lady, joined by old man Damo with long hair hippy.
90 minutes of pertformance.
Audience was happy for “livin g music” we created spontaneously, really into it. I spoke with some visitors after the show.
After all these months, it was really free moment and exchange with young people with rather same direction about this plandemic.
Surely I have find new friends there.

Next day same way back to join music conference Electric-City in Düsseldorf .
Actually same day I had show arranged that I cancelled few weeks before as they were not possible to avoid all these Corona measures. So I’ve done a just talk guest that went far well as I’ve got positive echo from people and later in newspaper.
Well, I don’t know if next concert in Hannover may happen.
Probably not as Cologne where I lived is counted as risky spot, so I may not possible to drive to Hannover.
It’s not a good time.
I’m not sad, just angry that few idiots politician is causing and sentence brave citizn forced to live in jail.
Still in darkness I found or made a bit of light.
We have to win anyhow against these dark might.

February 29 2020 (Saturday) UK, London @ Old Bath

Damo Suzuki with Randam sound carriers chosen by lottery just before performance.

Yesterday arrived London, whole day tired, wee meet up with our young neigbour pair took same flight to London. For them it’s first visit to the metropole. We just went to my favourite fish restaurant for dinner, unfortunately this time it was out of my taste, nothing really exiting, Elke is disappointed.

This time I booked AirBnB for 2 nights instead of hotel as I wanted have space. Also hotel rooms are boring, it’s has no character, OK it may depend on price too. So, I found pretty good space near Old Street with 110qm, with two sleeping rooms. The accommodation is at back yard, middle of London, but very silence and security as pin number at entrance then through court to our building entrance first floor, dining room and kitchen 2nd floor, at 3rd floor two sleeping room and bath room. We stay here for two nights, but if next time I come to London I may book same space. It’s very difficult to find good restaurant, but there is many good materials, so if I have an opportunity to have kitchen – No problem.

This day also interviewed by Japanese lady, photo shooting by Turkish lady from Istanbul (2 days Istanbul connection, see February 27 diary). They’re from WWFM internet radio. I’m sure they felt good, after interview we shared white wine before we head up to the venue, a old bath house.
Ken-San, organiser of “Krautrock Karaoke” ‘s 7th years annivarisy. They did already 50 something parties at different places. I join this time 3rd times. He told me there’s 70 musicians on list today, some of them as open act and supporting acts. My sound carriers tonight is selected by roll dice lottery from above mentioned 70 musicians just before the performance, so more spontanious is not exists.

Next day, continued stormy and wet weather.
While our neigbour friend went for sight seeing, we carry our tired body to Tate Modern that wasn’t much good like last time we’re here few years ago. Anyhow I’m not found of pop art stuff, I prefere more of Impressionist and German Romanticism.

February 27 2020 (Thursday) Germany, Berlin @ Arkaoda

Damo Suzuki with Spiritczualic Enhancement Center:
Æladin (Guitar), Camil Dumitrescu (Drums), Faani (Percussion), Carl-John Hoffmann (Bass), Yael Lavie (Kanun), Sasha Lee (Bass), Nocolas Sheikholeslami (Drums), Omri Shmulewitz (Keyboards)

Online booking is sometimes problem.
Until I came to check-in today, I didn’t know I booked same strech Cologne – Berlin twice. Computer at check-in showed that I did this mistake, lady at the desk inform me to contact the company to get money back. Strangely three young people before us made same mistake…. They’re fly to somewhere else. It may possible computer technical mistake as they looks far more taff than me on modern technic.
Each time I arrive Berlin airport, no matter of which one, infrastructure here is very poor, very poor for the capitol city of the country which has image of modern and high tec country that lost it’s lack. It’s not international representable, it’s just 3rd class local airport. Here you can see task of unable politician.
At 16:00 I’d an appointment for interview for new paper called “Risiko” issue by Japanese lady, she want feature me for their vol.1 and 2 issues, about my thought and about music

Quiet often I found Hotels in Berlin is comfortable size still – staying old building.
Berlin is booming city and trendy for young people from just everywhere, the venue is run by a Turkish guy from Istanbul, biggest city in Europe.
Members of the band are valuable from multi nation. from Jerusalem, from Theran, etc….
This was final of tour for them, they’re happy done 15 or some concerets in Europe.
Anyhow all of them looked very relaxed.
Michael Karoli’s daughters Tam and Angie showed up, all of us stayed long after the show, good moment, joined by some visitors, everybody have smiles and wanted to stay there much longer at that green room, wasn’t enough for such amount of people.
Anyway we had to go back hotel, our flight is very early, had only 2 hours to sleep.

February 16 2020 (Sunday) UK, London @ Lexington

Damo Suzuki with the Alice Hubble Experience : Sam Ayres (Drums), Adam Cresswell aka Rodney Cromwell (Electro), Alice Hubble (Keyboard), Matt Kelly (Guitar), Rachel Kennedy(Keyboartd) and Kevin Toublant (Bass)

Well mixed female/male band is something special.
Supporting band is the same band that performed with me last time at this venue.
You know, perform in London is play at home. Faces and sometimes sound carriers on the stage I may find same faces.
Since few London show, Michiko a friendly Japanese lady work in library somewhere south of London, support me as a volanteer for merchandising. She is open minded and even her ears are open while I speak from Bible. She was ambitioned Manga painter, so we have same thing to talk.
Indeed it’s comfortable to perfom here at united village of London.
I don’t have real touristy program at all, being London is just feel atomosphere. End of 60’s of last century I lived here for 2, 3 months Sheppard Bush and Seven Sisters. Since then London has changed, but London is still same that famous double bus may still be found 100 later too or (now China made) black box taxi.

February 15 2020 (Saturday) UK, Lewes @ Con Club

Damo Suzuki with Zofff: Chris Anderson (Bass, Organ), Richard Gorbutt (Modular Synth), Bic Hayes (Guitar), Al Strachan (Synth, Electronics, Trumpet) and Damo Waters (Drums),


Alan says he feel good with tasting oyster, anyway he wants to get less weight, so eat more oyster and less other food is good for day’s stomach flow. Two oyster heads back again to the fish restaurant beside river for breakfast. “No, no we don’t have…” Fish restaurant but they don’t surve oyster in the morning. So, we went chain organic café and oyster episode we’ll continue at another opportunity in Brighton, there I know a good fish restaurant, they have 4 different oyster to try. We agreed and drove further.
The fish restaurant was busy as usual, but they have strange rules that two person has to sit beside not face to face over table. Humm..I don’t understand really. To take communication is far better if you sit face to face. Anyway the place is still my favourite in this city.
2nd times to perform in Lewes, if I perform two times it’s like at home. So, people knows me and my music style. Sound carriers of the night is old friends band Zofff.

February 14 2020 (Friday) UK, Bristol @ Rough Trade

Damo Suzuki with Nigel Bryant (Electronics), Jeff Green (Bass), Jim Johnston (Guitar), James Mckeown (Guitar) and Aidan Searle (Drums)

In Bristol I’ve no Problem to find Restaurant, I know place to go. Do you think I’m always thinking about eat?
Well, if people come together start talk about weather then politic/sport then about girls, finally theme will be end up with food.
Is it not like this?
Off course I go to a fish restaurant., whenever I have opportunity I prefer to go to eat fish than meat. Just threw stakes on pan or on grill is not my thing. If I have to take meat then with yummy sauce that prepared over a night or two. Fish is better to eat simple as possible. Every fish has different tooth touch and taste and there’s hundreds of.
Alan is not a fish teaser, he had never ate fish, he says except in child food popular child food …fish finger. He didn’t recognise this is fish, he say. This day he make up his mind try to eat oyster for first time, influenced by me, I was talking teaching him how heavy value of healthy substance oyster has during we move from Manchester to Bristol. He cannot escape from my oyster lover story.

Lat time I was in this venue for book publishing event with writer Paul and host journalist Ian last year and perform here is first time. Probably due to Valentine day (I actually don’t know what is the reason, people celebrate. I won’t be droved by calendar anyway.) other venues are booked out.
I had appointment with 1850’s style photograph Gareth, he brought his assistant. He want shoot another photo. I might told you already that this shooting take long process, also equipment is heavy. We’ve done it before Network performance.

February 13 2020 (Thursday) UK, Manchester @ Yes

Damo Suzuki with Andrew Cheetham (Drums), Jez Kerr (Bass), Ed Stevens (Guitar) and Kyoko Swan (Synths)

Last time I was in Manchester, I wanted to go to eat Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup. So, finally I could introduce Alan most popular Japanese fast food, also joined by Adam, an old friend lives in countryside. Last time I saw Adam was in Buxton where I spend two days between two shows.
I’m not usually a Ramen fan, I prefer more Soba, another Japanese noodle, made out of back weed, healthier and gluten free. Soup of Ramen is made long cooking pork born. As you know pig is everything-eater, so it won’t be healthy. Mainly I deny eating pork. Sometime, I’m double moral person honestly said. Still I like some kind of sausages, I cannot avoid sausages when you’re living in Germany. German bread, sausages and beer are very best in the world. My best choice of sausages by the way is
1) Krakow
….try them when you have chance.
I’ve got stomach-ache after a while I ate Ramen, I din’t tell my friends I’ve got stomach problem as I recommended them to order this, I’ve kind of responsibility.
Stomach problem kept few hours, I wasn’t well. They seems not having problem like me, so pardon me I didn’t tell them about it.

I don’t have cell phone in this 21 century, majority of people automatically have. I check my mails through my ipad that I won’t have it near, it hide at deep in my rucksack.
I checked my mail box when I came back to the hotel directly to Piccadilly. The lady promoter is mailing me „I need you for sound check, where are you?“
Seems to be sound check time is changed, so we went hurry to the veune that is actually not so far by feet, with car took more find parking place, one way street and all that thing, also Alan had to drive as I’ve merchandising. At this time around I still had problem with my stomach. It may possible my stomach is very sensitive than before due to my surgeries. As I might told you every surgeries my taste change in my case. Before I’d never take a cup of coffee for 40 years now double espresso is must on the road. I was more wine teaser, but now occasionally beer drinker and less wine. By the way Whisky is all time my best friend. Once in while I introduced Whisky taste to young boy Adam, now he is Whisky lover. I’m a bad guy who pushed him whiskey at his young age.
Before I was a pescetarian (80% Vegetable 20% Fish), now I enjoy all kinds of meat too. (Lamm and duck as best) Anyway I try to keep well-balanced food.
For example, Even I never had Liver, now I take it as vitamin B12 included. But, it’s on form of Foie Gras or Swedish liver pate.
For me 1st Taste (Quality of material) 2 Healthy is order of things.

Our sound check is over when I arrive the venue.

At geen room, took cvomversation with young talentd musicians.
Night at new venue and lots of things to tell.

February 12 2020 (Wednesday) UK, Coventry @ the Tin Music and Arts

Damo Suzuki with Resurrection Men: Casey, Miles, Mochrie, Parge and Wurzul


Last few days, terrible stormy weather captured this part of Germany that kindergarten and schools had to close. So finally good weather, feeling nice to fly even delay for 40minutes. But, it didn’t cause much on appointment time with Alan as I thought immigration takes long. It was just good in time.

Now a days immigration at Heathrow is much easier and faster than sometimes before. Easy going. I don’t know what’s happened. I’m not well informed as I completely shout out main stream media.

Funny start of trip is a young officer came while older officer is controlling and interviewing me, he say he is a huge fan, he said that he has to come to me and greets. It’s kind of strange at airport an officer knows my music. This has never happened before. It may good start for this tour?

Time fly by so quickly. I was astonished when Sarah who runs this venue as long as I know her, said last time I performed here was 8 years before. (Phew…where is all those times gone, so quickly?) It’s sounds like hundreds of years by number, but feels like it was just yesterday.
She brought old poster of my performance here from 2007, my first concert, she wished if I would give signature on it.

One of great thing on tour is meet old friends like Sarah. Also, I met Ian, a guitarist last time. In away I was expecting he might be appearing tonight if he is still in Coventry.
When he lived in Bristol, he let me stay at his apartment with forest of Vinyls. Even few times we played together.

Early at the venue, he showed up, a bit changed after all these years, but still easy to find him at front of me smiling.
He’s studying art now, heart-warming sentence from his mouth, he’s taking care of his 90 years old father. It’s understandable he does so as I know him as heart full man, his face witness it.