February 8 2020 (Saturday) Netherlands, Den Haag @ Grauzone Festival

Damo Suzuki with Tomo Katsurada (Guitar), Tim Koh (Bass), Go Kurosawa (Drums), Kohei Matsuda (Guitar) and Kyotaro Miula (Guitar, Synth)

There’re some big cities in Europe, young Japanese musician find charm. I know some Japanese musicians in London and Berlin. This time first time with Japanese musicians from Amsterdam. One sound carriers is a half Korean guy originally comes from LA. It’s the instant band, mixture of members from Kikagaku Moyo, Minami Deutsch, Bo Ningen and Ariel Pink. Now a day’s good amount of young Japanese musicians lives out of Japan as their music fits not to average Japanese concertgoers taste. So, many of these Japanese band find audience in abroad while in Japan not much venues are open for these young people. They are mainly my ½ ages young and looks better.

Few days before the festival Tomo and three Dutch girls visited me to shoot short film adverting for the festival.

So, Tomo was only person I met for first time. Kyotaro, I met once when I performed with Minami Deutsch at an another festival in the Netherlands, even released EP of that live. The curator of the instant band is Natasja, one of the organiser of this festival and one of above-mentioned girls visited me in Cologne. It’s her idea to put all these Asian sound carriers together.
45 minutes of Symposium, Q&A thing after sound check.

Good amount of people was in the hall, one reclaimed that I was too near to microphone and could not understand my talk that well. I used to bring my microphone every concert now a day, at this symposium I had not mine. But, any way I’m not really good with microphone handling.

At festival appearance, free time I don’t make many things, it’s not matter of interest in music other artist play. Just time goes against my will very fast. This is also opportunity to take conversation in Japanese. These days visit London, visit Berlin is kind of Japanese language lesson. Normally here in Cologne where I live I don’t use Japanese, I’ve no Japanese near…but, I like this, like to hear more of domestic language anywhere I’m involved. Somehow I found theme to talk, mainly Japanese people is quiet, so it’s sound like only just I’m talking.
We had good audience (for our taste) feedback was positive.

Next morning I had informed by my iPad strong storm „Sabine“ is visiting this part of Europe with around 150 km/h storm.
Especially, lightweight person like me has to care not fly by.
On Monday Kindergarten and schools are closed, many flights are cancelled, advice of radio voice is warning, better don’t drive next 24 hours. We drove just middle of Sabine visiting, car is sometimes shaking, had to drive slow and safety home.

Damo Suzuki & Lapis Lazuli Live at the Ramsgate Music Hall 21.09.2019 (01:02:23)

The entire unedited improvised set from Damo Suzuki and Canterbury unsigned act Lapis Lazuli. This double-disc album signifies the 6th release by the Canterbury band, and represents one of the kaleidoscope shows Damo played as part of his 2019 tour.

The second disc to the album is titled using an anagram of ‘damo suzuki lapis lazuli’; ‘Louis Padilla’s Muzak Uzi’, – a collection of jams recorded and mixed leading up to the live concert. This disc does not include Damo at all, as the band’s one and only encounter with him was at the show!

The album was mixed live and recorded by Ramsgate Music Hall’s in-house engineer Al Harle, and mixed / mastered by Lapis’ Neil Sullivan.

Release date: 31st January 2020
Mail Order: lapislazulithebanduk@gmail.com

November 15 2019 (Wednesday) Austria, Wien @ Aera

Damo Suzuki with Raffael Lenz (guitar), Stephan Grasl (electric bass), Sebastian Leopold (drums), Matthias Kampf (gongs/soundscapes/loops) and Lorenz Kainz (guitar, ambience)

Wien has been always one of my favorite cities in Europe.
Not just me, even magazine like “Economist” choice Wien as the world’s most livable city in the world, even two years in raw!
This ranking based on security, infrastructure, culture and education, health and atmosphere quality from 140 metropolises of the world. Wien has 99,1 point from 100 possible point (!!!), incredible….if I had such point in my school days?

Actually, I’m not found of ranking and award stuff, it’s main stream ranking. Still just being there I feel comfortable, kindly people, city atmosphere, service at pub/restaurant, you feel positive and I totally agree. Main theme of travel for me, culinary : Excellent, reasonable price, good quality.
By the way, an another magazine stand even since 10 years in raw keeping the best city.

For long years Austria is my favorite country, they have good politic too, for example, just think about living, government is buying space and build reasonable price apartment for Austrian citizens, not like some other countries renting room price is getting explosion, hard to pay rent. They do things for people. Also interesting to know around 2 million people not having cell-phone.
This mean something to me, I’d never own cell-phone.

Last time I performed here is while ago.
Few years ago (already long ago) Elke and I drive through almost all part of this country and we were positive influenced that time. Just one thing is missing, Austria has no sea! I can’t help. Quality of living here is excellent, I have to say.

I made my mind already what I do when I arrive Wien this time.
Go to restaurant and try “Tafelspitz” a national traditional food, last time I had this in Linz and it was amazing yummy.
This time at a famous traditional restaurant, it was more yummy and good quality (clean!) that stayed in my stomach for many hours that I didn’t have to get dinner afterwards. This is good example of quality food cooked with healthy quality local materials and well-balanced stay in stomach for long time. Oh, I like this proud traditional food whenever I come next I have to taste it again!

April last year our young friend Lorenz arranged Network performance in Munich where he lives. This time in Wien, His friend and our friend Raffa arranged release party for his band Half Baked Cheese, so I was invited perform with them and Lorenz as guest guitarist.
Opening band was Karaba from Munich, also Lorenz’s brother plays keyboards. Last year I performed with them. And after that show, members of the band and their friends came and celebrate Elke’s birthday at balcony at our Hotel until early morning.

Our show started with 10 minutes introduction long Gong sound of Matthias.
My show may too short, some of guests claimed.
But, it was release party of my friend, so please take it as it was.

Next day, on Saturday evening some friends show up one after another for Dinner at grand floor of the hotel placed on very well known Ring Street.

I’m very sure, everybody in the world likes chocolate and schnitzel.
Even some never tried, when they once try they like it.
Both are everybody’s daring in culinary sense.
I like restaurant like here, open kitchen, also from street you can see process of Wiener schnitzel making. And you can see how clean chefs are proudly cooking this famous yummy Schnitzel.
Some of us (win experts?) and old pair next to our table negotiate with us were invited excellent seldom wine test that you cannot get everyday by friendly table manager. Wine experts were amused. It was special occasion for them. Unfortunately I wasn’t a wine taster this day. I tried ice-cold beer that was also good with the Schnitzel.

Then, Déjà-vu effect like in Munich, we enjoyed drinks at balcony, almost especially for us reserved on 8th floor cafe at the hotel with Wien roof landscape where also serve breakfast.

September 22 2019 (Sunday) UK, London @ Windmill

Damo Suzuki with Phobophobes: Dan Lyons, Elliot Nash, Chris OC, George Russell, Jamie Taylor

Normally it’s not happen, trustful booker Tim of the venue didn’t contact me before the performing day for long time for any reason. Until a week before this date I didn’t know if this would happen or not. It’s strange feeling as I’ve performed here for many times and he is trustful person, it’s almost like a home game. He contacted me again at start of this tour. He said no worries, it get filled up with visitors on the performing day even just 1 week to go, his words happened true.

I don’t much care as Tim has been arranging each time very interesting band even I was not sure about sound carriers until sound check.
There is always young musicians here would like to join Network if there is opportunity next time. I hear each time someone say, “Damo, next time I will….”
The venue is not in the center, but London music fans know this space and the venue enjoying good call., even awarded as top 3 venues in London by Time Out magazine.

I personally like to perform here, one: above I said Tim arrange fantastic talented band, one: atmosphere is kind of nostalgic and one : sympathetic visitors that visited my show here many times and talk to me before/after the show.