Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers: Live at Marie-Antoinette

Format: Double LP
Artist: Damo Suzuki & Sound Carriers
Release date: April 2017
Band: Tomoko Nakasato, Michael Beckett, Claas Großzeit, Ilpo Väisänen, Dirk Dresselhaus & Damo Suzuki
Live mix: Austin Brown
Live sound: Dirk Dresselhaus / ZONE
Mastering: Rashad Becker / Dubplates
LP cover & design: Tobias Frindt
Format: vinyl 12″, download (mp3) and video stream

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Damo Suzuki’s Network featuring The Elysian Quartet – Floating Element 

“Floating Element” / Damo Suzuki’s Network featuring Elysian Quartet”
(Purple Pyramid /CLO0308CD, CLO0308VL)

Floating Element 76:55
(For Double LP : Floating Element : Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4)

Performed/composed by
Damo Suzuki’s Network featuring Elysian Quartet, special guests : Adem and John-Paul Gandy

Damo Suzuki (Vocal)

Elysian Quartet :
Jennymay Logan (Violin)
Laura Moody (Cello, Vocal)
Vince Sipprell (Viola)
Emma Smith (Violin)

Special Guests :
Adem (Harmonium, Percussion)
John-Paul Gandy (Piano)

Recorded live at the Purcell Room, London on April 2 2007.

Special thanks to Gerald Jenkins: Without his support this project has never happen.
Gerald is from New Zealand, knows London music scene from his work as photograph. Over seven years we made many things together, I create time and space of the moment with ever changing sound carriers. He’ve got an idea to arrange Elysian Quartet and me. They brought two special guests Adem and John-Paul. This is 2nd half of the event.

Sadly Vince passed on January 30th 2015 didn’t see this album. R.I.P : Vince Sipprell (May 8th 1979 – January 30th 2015)

Also thanks to John Lappen contacted me Cleopatra, and Matt Green who give us chance to release very special, non category music like this.

Best way to listen this material is put your headphone, put your volume high.

Damo Suzuki & Mugstar – Start From Zero

Limited edition of 500 copies packaged in a heavy duty gatefold sleeve.
 On a long hot summer night in 2012 a meeting of minds happened in Liverpool, England. Damo Suzuki visited the city to play a show with MUGSTAR. 

After a flurry of e-mails Damo requested MUGSTAR not to practice or figure out any music prior to the performance, as he believed it should “Start from Zero”.
 Leaving the whole performance to be entirely improvised on the spot.
 It proved to be quite a night: the shamanic presence of the legendary Damo Suzuki immersed in the full-on, intense, sound of MUGSTAR – one of the leading bands currently exploring fresh and uncharted areas – as they forge forward through the deep space of kraut/psych.

The music that emerged that evening moved through driving, head-spinning double wah-wah attacks, eerie ethereal passages and on to an extended motorik coda, all powered along by thunderous bass and drums.
 Damo settled in immediately, a master of his own unique art.

Surging along with MUGSTAR as “sound carriers”, absorbed in the energy and atmosphere through to the shows exhausting end. It’s a great pairing.

Sound Carriers :
Damo Suzuki – Vocals
Peter Smyth – Guitar, Keyboards
Neil Murphy – Guitar
Jason Stoll – Bass
Steve Ashton – Drums

Side 1:
1. Waken to the Night
2. Subway Sound
3. Innanewah
Side 2:
4. Zero Coda


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Damo Suzuki & Tree – Live At The OzenBar Tel Aviv

Damo Suzuki and Tree

On February 9th, 2014 I’d first ever show in Israel.
I performed with four members of Tree as sound carriers. Sound documentation of this show is now available.

Track list :
1 Untitled 5:29
2 Untitled 5:30
3 Untitled 15:04
4 Untitled 21:29
5 Untitled 5:17
6 Untitled 4:25
7 Untitled 6:33
8 Untitled 15:58

Sound Carriers :
Ben Golan : Guitar
Dor Koren : Bass
Nave Koren : Drums
Damo Suzuki : Vocal
Yair Vermouth : Organ, Piano

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Damo Suzuki Møder ØSC – Damo Suzuki Møder Oresund Space Collective

osc-damoRecorded Valentine’s Day 2013 at the Dragens Hule club in Copenhagen, Denmark, this live set consists of the entire concert in the order it was played. On this night the OSC lineup was Nick (The Univerzarls) and Nicklas (Papir) on guitar, Mikael (SKL, Agusa) played guitar on two tracks, Pär (Sgt. Sunshine, Carpet Knights) on bass, Birk on drums, Dr Space, Mogens and Rasmus on keyboards and synths, and the great Damo Suzuki on vocals.
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Damo Suzuki – Seven Potatoes: Live in Nanaimo

1Krautrock pioneer Damo Suzuki, vocalist of Can, has influenced generations of creative musicians. This enigmatic singer has continued the journey, traveling the globe to perform improvised music with a unique collection of musicians. The lucky few that perform with him he calls his Network or Sound Carriers. Canadian Sound Carriers have included members of Black Mountain, Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think, among many others.

On a warm night in June he set down in Nanaimo, BC for an epic night of long heavy space rock jams in front of a rabid sold-out crowd at the historic Globe Hotel. The result is a sprawling, transcendent, seamless soundscape. Damo’s vocalizing feeds off the energy and dynamics of the band. A strangely hypnotic and melodic repetition of phrases and countered with low gutteral growls delivered in his own language. The legacy of Can is always evident. The auditory capture was superb and the result obvious. It must be shared. David Read of Vinyl Record Guru immediately decided to release it as a co-production of NoiseAgonyMayhem Records and Lance Rock Records.

“The title, Seven Potatoes, is Damo’s translation of Nanaimo in Japanese,” Read explained. “The release date is timed for Damo’s return to Nanaimo on May 11, 2014 at St. Andrew’s Heritage Church in the Old City Quarter.”

The recording captures Damo’s memorable performance last June with a psychedelic rock orchestra assembled from Nanaimo’s thriving independent music scene featuring members of Clumsy Lovers, Colliding Canyons, Moths & Locusts, and Wolf Parade. Two synth stations, fuzzed-out guitars and three drummers coalesce behind Damo’s commanding presence.

The physical edition of Seven Potatoes is available on extremely limited beautiful black vinyl records and can be ordered via Bandcamp (http://sevenpotatoes.bandcamp.com).
To see some footage from the 2013 show check out the appropriately lengthy promotional video:

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Damo Suzuki & The Fume – Superamas (Evolving Show From May 2012 to April 2013)

Suzuki_cover-2Double LP Set
The box includes 4 catalogues of the evolving exhibition “Superamas”

Damo Suzuki and The Fume / Live from Superamas
Recorded live at Centre d’art Neuchâtel, September 21 2012, for the opening of the exhibition Superamas Phase 2: Cerveau Morille.

Sound Carriers:
Christian Addor (DOX2): Keyboards
Laurent Burki: Guitar
Franz Hausammann: Bass
Julien Rousson: Drums
Damo Suzuki: Vocals

Engineered, mastered and produced by David Ashby

Published by Centre d’art Neuchâtel,
rue des Moulins 37 CH-2000 Neuchâtel,

Distributed (and online available) by :
Les Presses du Réel
35 rue Colson
21000 Dijon



 Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad With Damo Suzuki 

Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki
( more about artist )

Title: Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki
Format: White 12“ heavyweight LP with 60 page book in box
Releasedate: December 13th 2013
Release-ID: CH058

„In the year 2010, I became 60 years old. To celebrate 60 is something special for Japanese as it is 5 x 12 zodiac. At least once in my life, I wished to know more about my native country, so I present myself for my 60th birth year: I spend around 3 months travel through the country I was born and grow up before I left to Sweden. During this trip I met Simon and Bettina in Osaka at one of my Network performances.

After while, Simon contacted me, he and Bettina, both are art students, found interest to do an art project that zoom into Damo Suzuki’s life before joined to that German band.

In 2012, I went back to Gräsmark for first time since 40 years. There I met Gittan, her sister and few other people knowing me from the end of 60’s when I lived there. Sadly I couldn’t meet Helga, my Swedish mother, she died few years ago. All my memories came back like it all happened yesterday. Suddenly my body was covered by time and space of that period of my life.

Simon and Bettina’s project – their life connecting with my time and space I spent when I was young: This book is not just research of my life. Simon and Bettina left their foot prints on my life softly.“
Damo Suzuki, 2013

When Damo Suzuki came to Europe for the first time, he lived in a village in Sweden. In the early Seventies, he went to Germany, where he met members of the German band and became the lead singer of them for threer years.
This book is a biographical photo book with private and yet unpublished photos from the early Seventies and today. It also contains excerpts from private letters, lyrics, drawings and emails by Damo Suzuki and newspaper articles about him.
Since Damo Suzuki decided not to do studio work anymore, but rather perform with his Network, there are no recordings available anymore. This live recording of a Damo Suzuki show, recorded in Stockholm in February 2013, is a collector’s item: The box including the photo book and a 12inch vinyl is limited to 500 and only available at the Clouds Hill Online Shop.

Product info:
60pages photo book with emails, letters, lyrics and drawings by Damo Suzuki and newspaper articles + live recording of Damo Suzuki with Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad live at Fylkingen Stockholm on February 11th 2013, packed in a black telesope box.


  • Hardcover, without book-jacket
  • Measurements: 30,4 x 30,9 cm, spine: 1 cm
  • 60 pages
  • 120g/m offset paper, faded eggshell
  • Black-and-white photos


  • White vinyl
  • 12inch
  • Heavyweight (180g)
  • In black sleeve

Please note: the shipment of this product starts on December 16th 2013.
Title: Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki
Format: White 12“ heavyweight LP with 60 page book in box
Releasedate: December 13th 2013
Release-ID: CH058

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