Damo Suzuki & Tree – Live At The OzenBar Tel Aviv

Damo Suzuki and Tree

On February 9th, 2014 I’d first ever show in Israel.
I performed with four members of Tree as sound carriers. Sound documentation of this show is now available.

Track list :
1 Untitled 5:29
2 Untitled 5:30
3 Untitled 15:04
4 Untitled 21:29
5 Untitled 5:17
6 Untitled 4:25
7 Untitled 6:33
8 Untitled 15:58

Sound Carriers :
Ben Golan : Guitar
Dor Koren : Bass
Nave Koren : Drums
Damo Suzuki : Vocal
Yair Vermouth : Organ, Piano

Mail Order : treefanclub@gmail.com

3 Replies to “Damo Suzuki & Tree – Live At The OzenBar Tel Aviv”

  1. I have loved Damo Suzuki for years, with and without Can, and have always been impressed with how fresh Damo’s solo material sounds. I recently heard Tree’s second CD and was blown away. So, now I’m looking for a copy of Damo and Tree’s collaborative CD (and Tree’s first CD). I already have most of Damo’s solo material.

  2. Walter, thanks for contact me.
    Unfortunately I’ve no copy of this by myself.
    Please contact following address, they may still have it.
    Dor Koren

    Be aware of yourself.
    Damo @ Cologne

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