September 25th 2008 (Thursday) Sweden Stockholm @ Kägelbaban

Damo Suzuki with Chicken El Diablo: Johan Brolin (Guitar, Bass, Micro Korg), William Carlstedt (Bass, Philicorda) , Mathias Lillbäck (Guitar, Micro Korg), Oskar Moberg (Korg MS20) and Christoffer Narin (Drums)

Once upon a time, I was living in Sweden for two winters end of 60’s when I was teenager. Anytime I come back to Sweden I have feeling I might meet someone from that time on the street. A quite sentimental reason to visit here. Stockholm is not that city I live that time. But, feeling to be in Sweden is rather same, clean, high living quality has never changed and also Swedish girls…they’re so cute ever and they’re many.

Sometimes this is reason you move to other country. Gaven is young British guy met his girlfriend in London tube moved to Swedish capital city which has just population of 700,000 ,,this is 1/10 of this country. Stockholm is famous as Venice of North has kind charm Just two hours flight from Cologne, I arrived a day before performance. Gaven is the guy with temperament and he take care many things..he works at Indy label Airwaves and some DJ-ing in the city. His friend prepared food that night veg pasta, his friend and partner Henning at the label is at the moment in Düsseldorf he said, attending his artist girlfriend for her exhibitions there. Later joined by three members of Chickens, and enjoy chat with them slept late. Waked up with melancholy type of hangover. Red wine is not my drugs..anyway seems to drunk much last night.

As Oslo, Stockholm has tasty clean tap water, this is one of reason Gav lives here he said. Today is necessary to drink many waters. Gav picked me up from Henning’s apartment next door is his parents living in middle of the city. Fantastic weather today…since a long time I didn’t have that good weather. Walking through Gamla Stan…old town..heart of this city. Nice place to walk.

The venue is on the hill. We took elevator, to avoid much stair steps also he said he never took this so this is the chance. The venue is fantastic building with many other live hall, pubs and restaurants. From beer garden you can see skyline of Stockholm. This building is build 1815 and the venue has special charm. Typical in Scandinavian country. Simple but, has own style, not forcing.

Sound check done with guitarist from supporting band. Everybody was just friendly to me like if I am living here. Plenty time to show starts, two support acts, each has one hour…all bands signed with Airwave lavel. Gav introduced me many people that easy to forget names quickly. Leon came from Oslo for DJ-ing. He is friend of Gav, also British (half Italian), within two months I met Leon again. He is worm person, he moved Oslo for his girlfriend. But, he is enjoying life there. I have to go to Airport early morning tomorrow, so I have to leave flat of Henning around 4AM. Around 8,9 people was waking together with me until I left. Gaven and Leon brought me to shuttle bus stop. they must be tired too..almost sleeping on bench at bus stop.

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