September 3 2008 (Friday) Italy Carpi @ Kalinka

Damo Suzuki with Francesco Donadello (Drums), Luca Giovanardi (Guitar & Electronics), Olivier Manchion (Bass) and Emanuele Reverberi (Violin, Trumpet, Effects)

After Roma, took train to Luca and Ricci in Reggio Emilia as next days destination Carpi is not far. Travel by train in Italy is quite cheap if you compare with Germany or Britain and this route is nice, one after another beautiful Landscapes are coming and go.

The train from Roma had one hour delay, so I couldn’t catch up Luca at station in time. I don’t carry cell telephone, so he cannot call me. Anyway now a days very difficult to find public telephone. So, I decided to find his place by myself. Found no taxis at station, walk for while then I found market I know, at middle of the city. At the marketplace, somebody was calling me from far.. “D-a-a-m-o-o-o!” I wasn’t expecting anybody. Soon I found the owner of the voice……I found there Olivier with his wife Fabrizia and Matthieu, his son. So, they brought me to Luca and Ricci’s. Otherwise took hours to find their place, they told me she is a pregnant and they were looks so happy. I can’t imagine Luca as father…(I’m not meaning negative..understanding needed) ….next time I come here they are three!!!!  

Next day, relaxed day, in afternoon we drove some twenty minutes to Carpi. The venue is communist-meeting- kind of (culture)club – and this kind of place are everywhere in Italy, I heard from somebody. There are many rich communist in this part of Italy. This is season open day, so sound man came very late. Olivier joined us after sound check. Olivier came later…this is first time I perform with Olivier, the man with touch of “Jean Paul Belmond” since long time. We had enough time, eat in at the venue with all people who are involved in this show….this is quite often in Italy.   October 4 2008 (Saturday) Italy Piacenza @ For Sale Damo Suzuki with Cristian Calcanile (Drums), Paolo Cantu (Guitar), and Xabier Iriondo (Guitar) Luca and Ricci brought me to Reggio’s rail station. They looks so good future parents. Met Xabier, Varentia and Paulo came from Milano at Piacenza rail station.

Before they came I had talk with an old man, who was very curious to know about Japanese language, so I gave him short lessens. Funny named venue “For Sale” was not yet open..(Already sold?)but, we had luck to go to Wobbling market just cross the street run by social aides. I bough very tiny cafe set. Every time interesting to see old toys, watches, clothes, dishes…some nostalgia stuffs.

Olivier expected to perform with us, but he was not able to do for any reasons. The venue is wide than from outside. Relative huge place for city like here. After performance all Milano teams went back to home, I stayed here at Gianluca, young music student.

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