September 26 2008 (Friday) Italy Milano @ Gheroarte

Damo Suzuki with Cristiano Calcagnile (Drums),Paolo Cantù (Guitar, Clarinet), and Xabier Iriondo (Guitar, Mahai Metak, Taisho Koto, Electronics)

Heavy eyelid, but quite hungry, found good looking Smorrebrod (Scandinavian open sandwich)after security check at Arlanda airport. Delicious full on black bread slice covered with 2 different smoked salmon slice, one spoon of caviar, herring, Boiled egg, shrimps, cheese, lever paste, salad leaf, sour cucumber…it’s gorgeous breakfast, I guess…. Two hours fly to Riga (I found no good flight connection Stockholm – Milan), two hours transit break, two hours Riga – Milan…all these hours I mainly close my eyes and try to sleep. Just I can’t sleep in plane…at the situation feeling hanging on air without fixed floor/ground.

Paolo picked me up with his van. Went to his place at suburban Milan’s, he cocked Carbonara : pasta with bacon and eggs. The venue is kind of art space beside railway. Outside some art objects.  Francesco, the guy willing to make documentation of Never Ending Tour mailed me and wants to meet me, came before us, just loading. Drummer Christiano joined us he just came from Belgium. Between this date and Next performance, I had enough time. Xabier took me to touristy attractions in Milan. Xabier has very worm mother named Afra, one day she invited me and Xabier for lunch. Also I cooked food invited Paulo and Kiara to Xabiers place. We had good enjoyable time together.

Every time I come to Italy, I think if I could speak this language. But, due to my spontaneous schedule, it’s not easy to get plan to visit lingual school. So, I have to find some way to do this finally. Yes, I had really relaxed days at Xabiers, first break day we went to two concert, one at Xabiers Sound Metak, a percussionist and a guitarist making soundscape. Xabier, organize shows at his vintage music shop, until now around 70 shows in three years. After we went to Trok! the place I performed once. Two older improviser with saxophone and guitar was really interesting to see. Also there were two other shows, one is keyboard sound carrier from San Francisco, I performed with him in Detroit. 2nd break day Xabier invited some friends…we had grill party. I made potato salad and bean salad. His girlfriend Vanetina seems to be interesting to cook. She is a young artist. See show at

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