October 1st 2008 (Wednesday) Italy Rome @ Sinister Noise

Damo Suzuki with Mike Cooper (Guitar), Joe Lally (Bass), Fabrizio Spera (Drums) and Luca Venitucci (Electronics) http://www.myspace.com/sinisternoiseclub  

This is 2nd performance visit to Roma. Across under high grow up thin trees and antique buildings. You feel in ancient at this part is not that much tourists. Rome is truly the MUST… belongs to all those places you have to visit at least one time in your life time. That atmosphere hugs you from every side. Southern dull sun and worm wind, busy street, quite a relaxed people, barking cars…it’s the world of Fellini’s Rome….. around you. This performance is arranged by Massimo, the bass man from Zu. And he was expected to perform with me tonight.

I was waiting for venue owner Maxi at Piramide-Porta station, I changed at the central station. It took while to meet him. I don’t have cell phone (avoid Electro smoke, also I don’t like telephone), so sometime difficulties but, not that often, I have to say…maybe once or twice in year? He asked me what to drink… He seems to waiting my voice create words “cappuccino” next, but there is only one answer when somebody ask me in Italy . Nothing but, “Grappa!!!” Grappa, Vodka, Tequila and Rice snaps “Syoucyu” are my favorite alcohol drinks. I saw Massimo for very short time before sound check today and he disappeared for whole night. Sound carries came, sound check….Still Massimo didn’t appear.

So, show also begun without him. He knew before or just by accident, we had already bass man…from USA. The performance went far well in first time in a couple of years in Rome….The City of Forever…Never Ending. Anna ,is living here for long, is a German lady came up after the show to me at merchandising table, very exciting. Outside, a bit talk with Piero and Eva in not-really-a-cold midnight. They both are living and studying here informed me their friend Barbara got married….congratulations!!!!

Next day I was informed by Email where Massimo were… His wife was sick and he couldn’t come.

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