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This year is almost gone and a new year just standing in front of your door.
Wish you having an amazing holiday season and wish you all thinkable goodness for you in future.
This world will be better, I feel.
Because, many people have been awake for the truth and check through Internet and banded books.

My friend Francesco, Milano sent me his “Never Ending Movie” Teaser to share to friends.
Francesco is doing this project “Never Ending Movie” that is the documentation of my “Never Ending Tour.
If you have some documentation of Damo Suzuki’s Network, please contact me, I’ll inform his mail address.

Neverendin Movie teaser from FDiLoretoF38F on Vimeo.

A Teaser of a documentary film about Damo Suzuki, his music and his network!

***Friends all over the world!!!, we need your support!!!!!***

I was trying to send mails to people in Japan, Japanese politician to stop nuke plant start again.
I heard Japanese premier minister Noda said “For security of Japanese people it’ necessary to start Nuke Plant again “
Is he from an anther planet?
Please help Japan from all those politic idiots and support Anti Nuke plant movement in Japan!
This is time to get Networking everywhere, you know what a exciting period we’re living in.

Please go to following web, be a part of us.

Appreciate forward this information to your friends.

Feel Free Energy

Sayonara Nuke

Hi there…

May I have time to introduce you, bring you to one website that called this time I like to bring you to one website that called
“Sayonara Nuke”
they are making action “Come join “ the Goodbye to Nuclear Power Plants” Rally!”
… there is Petition for the Realization of Denuclearization and a Society focused on Natural Energy.
Please go this website

Last summer I toured Japan and experienced 4 earthquakes.
Sadly Japan is 3rd biggest country for nuke power plant (54),.
During the tour, I took conversation with some people about this problem with Fukushima happened and to totally stop nuke power plant. Some people showed me interest, but some (many) won’t talk about that or no interest.
Japan as two times victims of nuke bomb and now with Fukushima. It’s not understandable not to showing interest on this.
After Fukushima, world situation has been changed.
Germans will stop Nuke power plant until 2022, then Switzerland will stop too. And few months before Belgium joined this and will stop until 2025.

Nuke is terribly dangerous and they don’t know what do with rest dust of nuke, some through it just into ocean……..

I hope many people sign this petition.

Let’s stop nuke power together!!!!!