November 25 2007 Sunday Milano, Italy Cascina Torchiera

Damo Suzuki with Luca Ciffo (Guitar), Mattia Coletti (Guitar, Ukulele), Fiè (Bass, Warp Piano), Xabier Iriondo (Table Guitar, Guitar, Electronics) and Marco Mazzoldi (Drums)

Train ride to Milano. Italy is nice place to travel with train, surly ever changing landscapes are nice to see..Price for train is very cheap here. Platform is so low. Milano is the city my sound carrier friend Xabier is living in middle of city, with security gate and I stay at his place whenever I come here. Mattia, young experimental guitarist who has project with Xabier called Polvere was already there.

Relaxed and Xabier cooked. Some wine.. cheers!!!! The venue is alternative scene and it’s looks like that, you can imagine. Atmosphere is very familiar and relaxing people. The guys Fie and Marco, I performed with few days ago in Sardinia showed up. They have training room here, probably many artists has their studios. It was quite wet and cold day…Italian November.

November is kind of sad month, maybe not attractive month before Christmas. Dark, Melancholic, ……

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