November 28 2007 Wednesday Portland, OR, USA @ Rotture

Damo Suzuki with T.B.I.

Fly from Milano, Put my step on 2nd time this year in Portland..just September I was here. Portland is similar to Germany. Many rainy days therefore so much green. Anyway I like place with green. Wendy picked me up from airport with her so friendly warm face like always. (Is she reading this? then she has much more smile on her face…I can imagine)

This is the day before performing day I have break, I decided to relax, in fact I was not only tired from flying also from 4 restless days Italy trip. In the evening Wendy cooked her vegetarian food….She had Mochi (Japanese rice cake or however you can say it’s sticky rice stuff) and also other Japanese stuff. She seems to be like Japanese food…which is healthy.

In fact Wendy is always looks very healthy, this must be come from all the healthy food. Next day Wendy’s home mate and sound carrier friend Lindsay brought me to fake Japanese Restaurant where served by American girls and some soul music background . Whenever I stay here I use to sleep in balcony, it’s nice..even it’s not that loud…But, not this time…it’s November!!!…wet and cold. I don’t know city centre of Portland really. For me traveling is meeting friends and not really touristic thing. ..It makes me more nicer to stay with friends everywhere. Portland is exactly this example.

Evening my friend Archie invited me for dinner, he mailed me before I started this tour that his wife going to make dinner for me so I have to call him when I arrive. He informed me she was the chief at restaurant in Seattle..somewhere at Pike Place (Nicest place in Seattle, NE?) .. and still people are talking about her cooking art even she left there since long time. And she did this evening well. Also it was funny, Wendy knows her but, she never thought that she is living here with Archie. Funny, NE?

At the venue…Sound man was a member of the supporting band I performed in Geneva few months before. During traveling I meet someone I know from somewhere…it’s nice. By the way Portland is getting art metropol at west coast USA. There is alternative scene and I feel something is moving.

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