November 29 2007 Thursday Oakland, CA, USA @ 21 Grand

Damo Suzuki with Mike Guarino, Robert MacManus, Bonnie Mercer, Derek Monypeny and Jake Rodriguez

Port of Oakland is 4th biggest port in States. Oakland International Airport is somewhere around here. Arrived from Portland. North of Oakland is famous university Berkeley and west side just drive through Bay Bridge is San Francisco. Wendy brought me to Portland International (Surprisingly there is direct flight to Japan, I found) Picked up by Chen. At Chen’s house I met two sound carriers from Melbourne (I stay there every wintertime, so feel familiar) Bonnie and Robert even their trio band Grey Daturas supported Network performance once…in early 2007 in Melbourne.

They told me they are going to join Network tonight. Most of my performance, with whom I perform is arranged by local promoter, so sometimes I don’t know until short before stage with whom I will perform with. Even if I have information it’s doesn’t help me that much as most of sound carriers I perform for first time. Chen drove me to my host Brian and Amanda. I will stay here for two days.

Tomorrow’s show in San Francisco, is just near. I had performance once in Oakland. At not interesting venue….That time I was touring West Coast with LA sound carriers. To day’s venue is art space. So, they have to improvise stage and all equipment and so on… I went quite early, it had taken quite a lot of time all slowly showed up…..

There are some visual stuff at YouTube, just to inform as follows

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