November 30 2007 Friday San Francisco, CA, USA @ Hemlock Tavern

Damo Suzuki with 3 Leaves : Tim Cohen (Drums, Keyboard & Delay), Chris Cones (Guitar in the key of flab & delay), Diego Gonzalez (Bass, Oud, Guitar & Delay), Warren Huegel (Drums & Delay) and Josh Pollock (Sampler, Guitar & Delay)

I am a traveler, but sometimes nice to stay for two or three days at same place like now at Brian and Amanda’s. Oakland and San Francisco are so close. San Francisco is one of my favorite city. It has own charm and nostalgy..Hill up and down, all those wooden old pretty houses.. Early afternoon Brian and Betty, is a friend of Holger Czukay (Always I think world is such a small pot…I meet so often people I know or knows somebody I know) brought me to an interview in Radio station where, I guess I was a couple of years before…well…I’m not sure.

After we went to Little eat some Japanese.. They dropped me at the venue, where I performed twice already, very tiny space. I orded Jameson, a pretty girl served me was long time to wait, but I enjoy watching at people from smoking room with Jameson in hand. Go along the street, many drinking people, poor people..the street is living, many police car with siren. Julia is the girl, who contacted me through internet a couple of days before and she is happy to be sound engineer tonight, she was there at first.

Then my friend Bill and Sue came with their friend. Bill and Sue came from San Juan Island, Washington. He lived here in San Francisco for a couple of years during hippy time. Then today’s Network member 3 leaves came finally….I know two of them, Warren and Josh. Both I performed already once here at same venue. Warren is friend of my friend in Frisco visited her flat. Josh, last time I met him when he performed with Acid Mothers Gong on same stage, in London a couple of years ago. Audience was quite mixed young and old’s nice mix. Bill wanted take me to fish restaurant..again we couldn’t make it. Tomorrow I have to leave for Los Angeles. But, I am sure I will meet Bill and Sue very soon….

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