November 2 2008 (Sunday) Spain Barcelona @ Sala Monasterio

Damo Suzuki with Mueran Humanos: Carmen Burguess (Synth, Percussion, Vocal, Programming) and Tomas Nochteff (Bass, Tapes, Vocal, Programming)

Wake up, I’m alone in the venue, open the door, breath Sunday morning air at old town part of Lisbon. Quite few people on the street. very difficult to find taxi. Ask the police man, he was kindly enough to catch me taxi. Friendly beginning.

After 2 hours flight arrived in Barcelona, Ela and Serapi , picked me up from airport, they arranged my 3rd performance in Barca. They invited me to typical Spanish pub with tapas after check in at Hotel. They ordered a couple of dishes asking me what I would like to eat. When I come to Iberia, there is only answer “Fish! Fish! Fish!” Spanish people eat most fish in Europa..As far as I heard, around 70 percent market share has Spain in Europe and fish market in Madrid is biggest in Europe, 2nd biggest in the world after Tokyo “Tsukiji” I was not much hungry. but, if there is opportunity I better take it..this is the wisdom of traveler. The way Spanish and Japanese people are doing during drink alcohol is culture and sure this is much the better way and healthy. Between drinks some small this is good against hangover too and also very social.

Ela told me how difficult to organize show here in Barcelona as 1) Rainy weather people don’t go out 2) Soccer match. when Barca play in Stadium or TV live, It is very hard to get people for other culture event. FC Barcelona is institution and religion for many people world wide. A couple of year before they change all management and chose younger ones. since then they are getting better. (and look!! They won Champions League 2009..and they play far fantastic than any other team in Europe .very attractive. Dream soccer!!)

My first concert in Barca, I performed with Christian and he has a friend was not able to visit our show that time as he had his performance somewhere else in Spain. This friend is Tomas. and I will perform with him tonight. Tomas asked me while ago via mail, he would like to perform with me. So, he contacted these bookers. An another part of two man band Mueran Humanos is his charming his wife Carmen and both are from Argentine living many years here in Catalonia`s metropolis.

Last night they performed in Berlin. Berlin is the city many young people from all over the world loves to live there, I heard from friends moved to Berlin or intend to go there, might be cheapest-to-live metropolis in Western industrial countries. Tonight there is a young drummer who will join us. Every time I come back to Barca, I wonder for all these buildings with strong character. It’s really interesting city especially if you are interesting in architect and also arts. (Remember Gaudi!!) Best museum to visit is Joan Miro Foundation (Fundacio Miro) placed on the hill, now a days easy to reach there by cog railway. Joan Milo is one of my favorite artist. Its beautiful place with form and light. Went to the venue, already outside were dark step down to underground floor. Still you can find Spanish taste .I mean. well.. Catalonia!!! They say Catalonia not Spain. . Sure, I don’t know much of the Spanish history deep. Yes, there are many things interesting to know.

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