November 3 2008 (Monday) Spain Valencia @ Octubre CCC,

Damo Suzuki with Rubén García (Programming, Synth, Toys), Marcos Junquera (Drums) and Zener : Jose Guerrero (Guitar), Jordi Martinez (Percussions),Nick Perry (Bass) and Julian Sanchez (Guitar)

Once old Spanish friend of mine told me that Valencia is not beautiful city and not interesting. I found total different. Might be there is not beautiful places with modern apartments houses. In the city center, old town. It’s amazing like many of other Spanish cities. 3rd largest city in Spain. Here too building has characters and heavy weight. Spanish people think (I guess) quite lots about quality. For to make good quality you need quality materials and philosophy. All those buildings are looks so gorgeous.

First time since long, I took train. In Iberia, train is a bit wide (width of two rails and train it self .off course) than train in other countries in Europe. So, If you come from France, you have to change train at the border. New thing for me was “security check” at railway station before you get on platform. It’s not heavy like airport. Just checking baggage. You can carry water. Spain fights against terrorist attack. So you remember, attack to train a couple of years ago. Tragically around 400 people died in Madrid. Train ride was fantastic..I felt like vacation (May be my job is like one. Its question of perspective ). can see Mediterranean Sea, blue sky and beach. Train slides beside sea.

Marcus, the drummer tonight pick me up, is archaeology student. He was a little angry about organization of the venue that sound check delay for two hours. There were some conference at that building. It’s part of art center. Down stair small theater with seats. So, we went just round the corner to street café, sound carriers showed up one by one. One November day .but, worm enough to sit at street café and chat. Tonight show is sold bank bought all tickets to present young customers..funny thing. In Spain, some national banks are forced pay 30 percents of income for culture and sports as the don’t pay tax. Its good idea, I have to say.

Probably most famous thing from Valencia is Paella. Valencia made it as origin. But, I guess this came from Arabic countries, until 1492 they ruled part of Iberia. Also saffron comes from name saffron originally is Arabic. I heard that Paella is originally for poor people at the beginning. They cooked with rests of materials. Lonja de la Seda, Silk trade center is world heritage..this time I didn’t have time, next time I would like to visit there and a bit more touristy.

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